Get Serious About Your Gym

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The Sunday Times Style Magazine quotes Carly Madhvani,  

about how to create your own home gym.

” There has been a shift in priority for my clients. Having a gym at home has definitly moved up the list.

Someone I am talking to in North London wants a home gym to be central to the ground floor, a looked-upon pace, artful. Their theory is that it’s a part of our wellbeing and self care, so they want their kids to see it every day, to encourage them to get involved.”

Carly Madhvani

NW3 Interiors

Setting up your perfect home gym isn’t always easy

 Here is our story of how we managed to get such a beautiful home gym

Having been stuck indoors and away from traditional gyms, exercise at home has become more important than ever to all of us trying to keep fit.  Setting up a proper home gym is a game-changer for personal fitness, ensuring you always have room to train and putting you in the proper mindset to really push yourself.

NW3 Home gym

Home Gym Designed by NW3 Interiors

KEY ELEMENTS to consider when planning your own home gym:


What sort of look and feel are you going for? The ethos behind my design is always 1/3   plain, 1/3 pattern and 1/3 texture. This is something I always consider. I personally wanted my home gym to feel urban and high energy, but at the same time very calm – exercise for me is often an escape from stress.

I managed to achieve that by contrasting an exposed brick wall with softer hand-carved wooden equipment and walls of raw (a soft mud brick brown colour) plaster.


Working out can be noisy, especially if you like to listen to music while you train – I know I do!  It’s important to consider that when placing and designing your gym. We chose a room above the master bedroom, the room where people where least likely to be in the daytime, for our gym. Consider sound-proofing your gym. If your gym is not on the ground floor, using a floor material that will sound proof it can be a very good idea.


Your gym space needs to have plenty of breathability. We used air bricks in ours and we also have a whole bay window front.


 The flooring in your gym must be firm enough to work out on -carpet isn’t ideal. We ended up choosing a patterned wooden floor that we already had everywhere else , in order to make our home cohesive. Extra layers of sound proofing material below the floor were added to make the rooms below more comfortable.


Lighting is another key element in creating your home gym. Bright lights are necessary for illumination. I recommend having them on a dimmer so you can change the ambience at will – I like the lights very bright for my morning body combat, but  for calmer yoga I’ll turn them down for a calmer ambience.


This is probably the most fun part! What equipment do you want? What look? Which company? For us there was only ever going to be one, it was only ever going to be Nohrd. The design and aesthetics of the equipment was just as important as the performance and quality. Nohrd manufacture with solid wood exclusively selected from sustainable managed forests. For ever 1 tree they remove they plant 2.5 trees back!

The style is timeless and extremely sexy to look at! 

Nohrd Swingbells

Nohrd hand weight

NW3 Home Gym

Vintage Geezers Leather Bag

Nohrd TriaTrainer

Nohrd TriaTrainer


This is where your AV Screen would fit in, your sound system, the positioning of your machines/ equipment. You will need to ensure that you leave the central space free  so that you can  actually do your body combat session or your  yoga/ pilates with a friend or instructor.  These are final details to add and consider.

And there you have it, with all this in mind, you will be able to create your own dream home gym!

I have to say when I was doing my own research for creating my  own gym, I did not find that many inspiring home gyms out there, so it was a nice challenge to be able to do one myself.  We have had the most amazing feedback on it too;  lots of reposting on Instagram, featured in 2 of our favourite publications.  It has been a real joy and pleasure to design.