Workout? Well, as a busy mum, wife and business woman I’m often asked about my lifestyle. People want to know all kinds of things. It can be arequest for a recipe, questions aboutschools, workouts and of course, interior design or even what beauty product am I using. Well, the team thought it’d be a great idea to share a day in life of with you and gave me a few questions. So I hope you find this interesting!

Carly, you’re so busy, when do you find the time to workout?

I always work out in the morning, before breakfast. It’s because I always eat chocolate late the night before (has to be Lindt or Green and Blacks either salt, chilli or milk but I always treat myself to some), I somehow feel this is a way to burn it off! My week is varied in exercise. I try to train 4 times a week with a mix of these (feel free to follow them on IG for some inspiration)!
    • Monday is with WBFF Pro @susiewoffenden and her ‘Strength Within’ programme which I do with my super strong Australian friend and lifecoach, @coach.caitlin 
    • Tuesday is a really high cardio class; Body Attack at Virgin Gym in Swiss Cottage with @lizzysandles 
    • Wednesday I box with Lyn @boxcorp_fitness_uk.i am always asked where I get my boxing gloves and it’s Fashercise here.I love this brand because it is female entrepreneur owned so I buy all of my workout wear there 
    • Thursday is a wonderful yoga class @heartcore in St Johns wood with the instructor @helencuttyoga. This class incorporates stretching and yoga moves with a deep meditation and still-mind-moment (the only time in the week!)
    • Friday is a high energy Body Combat Class with @chiiuk – an incredible Japanese ninja who can fly. 
    • Saturday if I am not watching my kids play sport I will attend boxing at Virgin Swiss Cottage 
    • Sunday I see @live_mencey_life for body combat at Virgin in Cricklewood which is a lot of fun




We know you’re a healthy eater so what does lunch look like?

I use my Theromix to batch cook thick soups or I make a good salad with, for example this I also order these salads to really fuel my day Sometimes while working, Molly and I have eggs with salad.

Carly you’re a real strong woman. What are your favourite exercises for strength?

Boxing with a really heavy bag is a really good way to build strength and also seeing Susie (as above) for heavy weights on a Monday.  I don’t love the gym, I am a class-girl who prefers to share and be involved with others training together. 




Carly, what are your favourite short workouts for boosting energy in your day that can help others that are time poor?

HIIT training is my-go-to work out for a 25 minute burn-out.  In various forms of either a ‘grid’ workout at Virgin gyms.  Or on holiday for example, I will grab the kids and run on the beach and add lunges, squats, press-ups and burpees.  Or as my son has started playing rugby now, we have got into a habit of doing a ‘scrum’ together where we lock-shoulders and push each other to the other side of the room.  Static power can be a surprising way to burn energy.  My husband is really fit and often runs to work.  He is a great source of inspiration for my workouts especially when we are on holiday.  We love working out together and when it’s the four of us, it’s a lot of fun as we all contribute something.  My son with football drills and my daughter with explosive netball moves.  It can get competitive!



Anything else?
After I have worked out in the morning, I have a smoothie (often recommended by @bexology) to get me through to lunchtime. I start working either creatively or with checking in on projects, ordering and paying suppliers.  Interior design is a puzzle so I daily check on all the pieces from each project.  It’s the best way to ensure an efficient service.  I have two girls who work for me so together we manage the floor plan layout changes, specifications and samples.
I love to attend design events in the evenings, when I get a chance. To see new collections or visit an art exhibition.  London has so much to offer the design community.


We hope you found this inspiring!