Work from home with Knoll

Our top picks for Knoll work from Home collection for 2021


 In a time when the boundaries between home and office are increasingly blurred, having a suitable space for home working has become more important than ever before.

Sweeping changes in our lifestyles have contributed to the need to have spaces with comfortable, functional furnishings, to make the home office area relaxing and stimulating, but also in line with the décor and philosophy of domestic settings.

The Work from Home Collection by Knoll for 2021, currently available through us, as one of the only indpependant dealers in Europe. The collection responds to changes in contemporary lifestyles, through innovative products and contemporary design, keeping faith with an avant-garde modernist vision while adapting to new habitat requirements.

Knoll Grasshopper table

A space suitable for working from home has now become more important than ever. An environment studied in minute details and characterised by comfortable furnishing solutions can make the work place more relaxing and stimulating. A harmonious and balanced home office, where you can feel at ease, helps improve the quality of your work. Ergonomic chairs and desks ensure a unique comfort. The functional elements allow to create a tidy as well as dynamic environment.

Saarinen Conference Chair

Designed by Eero Saarinen, 1946 – 1950

The Saarinen Conference Chair Relax, a constant presence in all the interiors designed by Florence Knoll, has been one of the most popular Knoll models for almost 70 years
Ideal for offices and homes, thanks to a range of new finishes and materials. With its sculptural shape and modern finishes, it has revolutionized the concept of seating, and today it is often found in the dining rooms as well as modern offices.

Knoll Saarinen Conference Chair

Grasshopper Height-Adjustable Desk

Design by Piero Lissoni, 2021

New solutions in the Grasshopper family of tables. Ideal to respond to all the needs connected with different work settings – the home studio, spaces organized for co-working, and offices, the Grasshopper Height-Adjustable Desk is a very intuitive working tool, easy to regulate and to use

Knoll Grasshopper Height Adjustable Desk
Knoll KN07 Chair
Knoll KN07 Chair
Knoll Grasshopper Console
Knoll Grasshopper Console