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You may recognise the name. Or you may not. But Piero Lissoni is one of the most influential and prevalent designers of our time. Alongside collections for Knoll, Lissoni has also designed pieces for other international brands such as, Alessi, Antrax, B&B, Bonacina1889, Cappellini, Cassina, Cotto, Fantini, Flos, Glas Italia, Golran, Illy, Janus et Cie, Kartell, Kerakoll, Knoll, Nerosicilia, Olivari, Salvatori, Tecno, Viccarbe.

His eye for detail, structure and classic material combinations make his pieces incredibly distinct. Throughout his career as a designer he has developed a unique style which is supported by Knoll’s innovative manufacturing techniques. Creating timeless collections to be enjoyed in residential spaces for years to come. Lissoni’s collections for Knoll have been a wonderful addition to the brands already iconic catalogue of furniture. We couldn’t wait to feature them in our showroom and supply them for our lovely North London clients. Take a look below to see how we utilised a handful of Lissoni’s latest pieces.


Our Projects


Matrioska Credenza

Library Room - Highgate Family Home Project

Our clients in Highgate were lovers of iconic furniture and design. When we met them they already possessed an eye for design. Especially Andrei who frequently offered up suggestions for specific pieces to use throughout the home. It wasn’t until further into the design we noticed a reoccurring theme. All of the pieces Andrei was sending through were designs by Piero Lissoni. Of course, we were happy to supply these beautiful pieces. One of the favourites was the use of the Matrioska credenza which we love but hadn’t found a suitable project, until Highgate. It was the perfect storage piece and tied in all the colours of the room.


Red Baron Book Case

Red Baron - Knoll


One of our all time favourite pieces is the Red Baron bookcase. Designed to resemble a famous German fighter plane in the first World War. This incredible piece is a mixture of elegance and an industrial aesthetic. The fighter plane wings inspired the levels of shelving. Balancing the elegance and fragility of glass, with the rugged sturdiness of wood to mimic the design of the plane.

‘From the preliminary design to the manufacture of the finished product, the initial idea of the architect Piero Lissoni has become reality thanks to the expertise of Knoll, with its ability to develop innovative solutions. By combining parts that gradually become lighter, tapering into a slender sheet of metal rendered sophisticated by the almost imperceptible thickness and by the finish itself.’ – Knoll


Since its release in 2018 the Red Baron has been a hit with our clients. Providing adequate storage space or being utilised as a room divider for larger spaces. It featured in three of our main projects in 2019.

Finchley Apartment - Interiors Project

We first supplied the book case for our wonderful client in Frognal. A luxurious, eclectic apartment with Asian influences. The main reading room needed more shelving space to house ornaments and books.

North Gate Interiors Project - Dining Area

Then we supplied the book case for our re-design of the period Regent’s Park Penthouse. Which sat beautifully at the back of the dining space. Slotting perfectly in the centre of the panelling. Providing a space to decorate and dress.

Lounge Design - BB Italia

The final project was our St Johns Wood Family Home project, where the shelving was utilised as a room divider for the extra long lounge space. Our clients wanted to separate the space to create an adult lounge space in front of the fire. While having a space at the back for the boys to play table tennis. What ceases to amaze is the ability to put the shelving in any interior context. It pairs beautifully with any styling design and looks effortlessly chic.


Grasshopper Dining Table

Dining Area - Highgate Family Home Project

The grasshopper dining table was an incredible addition to one of Lissoni’s latest Knoll collections. Designed and inspired by, you guessed it, a grasshopper; these tables come with delicate legs and an almost impossibly thin marble top. Creating a slender and almost transparent piece from a side view. This was perfect for our Highgate project. The kitchen/dining space had huge floor to ceiling glass sliding doors which were chosen to frame the outdoor space.

There was a continuous view of this which started from the entrance at the front of the house. It was important to the client that we find a thin table to refrain from obstructing the view. Thus, we decided on the Grasshopper table from Knoll. The huge red marble surface added a whole new layer on interest in the space, working to reflect the outdoor greenery on its surface.


Our Showroom

Our showroom is home to some of the most iconic pieces in luxury furniture. Forever housing our favourite mid-century designs under one roof to showcase the incredible quality and longevity of the designs. We open the showroom to clients and potential clients so they can experience them first hand.

Welcome to the NW3 Interiors Showroom

Our first Piero Lissoni piece was our stunning red marble coffee table from the Grasshopper collection. Eventually, we decided to opt for the rich red marble top which has a combination of green, purple and white veining throughout.

Red Baron - NW3 Interiors

When Knoll also released his KN Chair collections we purchase a new KN Chair in an on-trend blush thick fabric. With the additional reclining feature, this became a favourite late night whisky drinking spot in front of the fire. Finally, we just had to get our hands on a Red Baron bookcase for our showroom during our latest re-design of the space. Since it was such a hit with clients it felt necessary to have one ourselves. Not that we needed an excuse to show it off!

Want to discuss a Piero Lissoni piece? Or would you like us to send you a brochure on the collections? Contact us here.