Nude –  Architecture of Delight

To compliment our interior ranges NW3 Interiors are partnering with a new inspiring raw crystal glassware that makes food & wine more sensuous and pleasurable in every space.

We have a large range of polished signature glassware including; a range of decanters, wine glasses, whisky glasses, water glasses, high ball,  jugs, carafes, tumblers, jewellery holder, mirror, lighting, containers, candy box, spoon rest, butter dish , squeezer, funnel, wine cooler, bowls, plates, vases, champagne cooler, cake plate, cake dome, ice bucket, cigar ashtray, candle holder, oil & vinegar, salt & pepper.

Hand-blown fromage Balance decanter nude vase


“The way we fill emptiness shapes our lives. Because the true sense of glass lies in connecting us with our surroundings. We are Nude.”