You’ll no doubt have spotted the latest revolution in home fires by now – the ventless bio-ethanol fireplace. These stunning sources of heat and light don’t just look good – they also allow you to arrange your sitting room – or other spaces in your home – as never before.

Gone are the days of being restricted to having your fireplace in one location and against a wall. Now the fire are available free-standing can become literally a central focus in a room and very much a design element in itself.

NW3 Interiors Vauni Divider Bio Ethanol Fire

The Vauni Divider bio-ethanol fire

Eye-catching contemporary wall-mounted versions are also available:

NW3 Interiors Vauni Cupola Fire

The Vauni Cupola

The fact no chimney breast is required makes your fire far more mobile than ever before. This means if you move home it’s possible to take the fire with you. And if you decide to redecorate then you can simply pick up and move the fire to alter its location.

Bio-ethenol fires produce no toxic fumes

Unlike even wood burners, a bio-ethenol fire won’t emit any nasty fumes into the room when it’s lit. That’s because the clean fuel consists of simply a very small amount of water and carbon dioxide. The water won’t ruin your walls and there’s no fear of inhalation. And nor do you have to worry about soot since these fires produce only a miniscule amount.


NW3 Interiors Vauni Low Foot Bio Ethanol Fire

The Vauni Globe Low Foot

Simple to light

Those of us old enough to remember the old days of having to light a coal fire in the mornings using rolled up newspaper and firelighters can hardly believe the ease of use when it comes to lighting a bio-ethanol fire. And there’s no hassle of having to go and fetch logs or sticks for a wood burner either. No, in the case of a bio-ethanol fire it’s simply a case of pouring ethanol onto the burner and lighting it with a long burner. It takes a mere minute to light up and can easily be turned down at will.

Quality counts

You probably won’t be surprised to hear it’s always worth investing as much as you can afford in a bio-ethanol fire. Cheap copies made in China exist and that’s why, here at NW3Interiors we always go for the top of the range suppliers. All our bio-ethanol fires are manufactured by Vauni.

The Swedish company is a world-leader in the sector and produces a huge range of contemporary designs. You can see some of the smart Vauni bio-ethanol range right here at NW3Interiors.

Feel free to ask us for further information on these stunning contemporary design must-haves.