The Watermark Collection


Also known as the pioneers of boutique brassware, recently visted Carly’s award winning home to uncover the details behind Carly Madhvani’s own home project in NW3, London.

We’ve recently been working more than ever with the Watermark Collection, a pioneering supplier of boutique brassware. Our trusted suppliers are carefully selected to provide our clients with the best high end home furnishings, and the Watermark`s Collection is no exception to this. We recently used their extremely high quality brass bathroom fixtures in a large Hampstead home.

Watermark’s strong and solid furnishings added visual interest to the bathrooms, making sure they could keep up with the rest of the house’s high end flair. Our favourite fixture from Watermark were a set of blush pink marble taps from the Elements range. These blended perfectly with natural materials to create a calm and serene home spa.

We loved talking with Watermark about all aspects of interior design.

Watch the full Video here