The International Design and Architecture Awards 2020-2021

Best London Living Space

It is an absolute honor, to have been shortlisted for the best London Living Space category
amongst 5 other International Interior designers.

We were listed for our Regents Park Penthouse project. This was a dream project and
dream client.

NW3 Interiors l Project listed for Design and Architecture awards

Shortlisted for Regent’s Park Penthouse Project

Established for over 12 years, The International Design and Architecture Awards have
supported and celebrated the World’s best Interior Design and Architecture and are
recognized as one of the most prestigious design awards throughout the world.

Regents Park Penthouse is an aesthetically stunning home filled with timeless classics from
our elite brand partners. We created a unique and exquisite home for our clients to enjoy
for years to come. We had a very short time to work on this project, but managed to get it
designed in record-time for our clients to spend their first Christmas in their new timeless and
aesthetically balanced space.

Arriving at the Gala dinner

The incredbile set up 

The great room

Tough competition this year as the event had to be rescheduled 3 times due to Covid and finally they had to join the
nominees of 2020 with the nominees of 2021 and do 1 joint Awards Ceremony for the two years in one.
The evening event was a great turn out! It felt brilliant to be in a room with 500 other international
interior designers. A real buzz of creative minds and some fabulous outfits.

Great to dress up

NW3 Interiors team

Grosvenor Hotel Ballroom

Great atmosphere

Very honoured to be nominated for this award. Thank you to the Design et al community and everyone who voted.