Who knew sustainable living could be so beautiful?

Scrolling through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter viewing abandoned turtles stuck in plastic and desperately attempting to ‘do your bit’ for our environment? Then take a look at our  top picks  of sustainable furniture pieces for your home:

Jennifer Manners


Their /re/PURPOSE Collection, the very first of its kind, is a sustainable approach to timeless rugs. Comprised of uniquely plush recycled plastic, these hand-knotted rugs are a luxurious yet eco-conscious solution to the need for hard-wearing and stain-resistant rugs. Discarded polyethylene components – that would otherwise find their way into the ocean or landfill – are processed using heat and water (then itself recycled) to create a surprisingly soft and robust yarn. Its fine, matte appearance is almost indistinguishable from wool. However, the inherent qualities of the recycled plastic fibre offer even greater durability, resisting accidental spills and fading as well as being bleach cleanable.

Sustainable and durable: we like to think this collection is for Sustainable Living and for life.


Jennifer Manners re/Purpose rug Sustainable Living


Mies van der Rohe, (a German-American architect) began to pave the way for furniture design back in the 1920’s. It was after introducing the Knoll Barcelona Chair, a piece which is often an example of a family heirloom being passed from generation to generation. Like my mother will gift to me someday. Little did Van der Rohe realise though, that the form and structure of this beautiful chair would become an iconic timeless design recognised worldwide.

White leather Barcelona chairs and stool with tulip table Sustainable Living


Another favourite is a design from Eero Saarinen. The tulip dining table which comes with matching chairs. Saarinen vowed to eliminate the “slum of legs” found under chairs and tables with four legs. This dining table is suitable for any interior, forever holding its modern look. We have had the Knoll Saarinen marble dining table for over 12 years moving from house to house. Amazingly it has retained its quality and beauty. This dining table even holds its value when and if it were to be re-sold.

Knoll tulip table and chairs to view in the NW3 interiors showroom. Sustainable Living

Plus buying original timeless design is a form of sustainability. Similar to buying any home appliance really. Buying something quality, that lasts, prevents disposal of the old. It limits the process of manufacturing of the new. Invest in your home is investing in planet earth.

Not only is the element of longevity an element of sustainability it defines sustainable living, but if you go right to the source, it’s also evident that Knoll are taking their impact on the world very seriously. As exampled by their sustainability statement, ‘Sustainable Design At Knoll, we act on a commitment to the sustainable design and manufacture of our products. We use our understanding of how people live, work and interact with their environments to create inspired workplaces and residences that evolve and endure – environments that promote a better world.’ You can see how Knoll achieves their goals here or read a small part of their achievements below!

Knoll Sustainability Goals

Ferm Living

Another brand which NW3 have found. It’s s making a real difference with their home Danish design is Ferm Living. They have a sustainable range of cushions and blankets. Many are made from recycled plastic bottles! You can check them out here.

Sustainable products ferm living - Sustainable Living


So instead of washing up on our beaches they’re the perfect compliment to any space in your home. We love the unique designs of these products and how brands are trying their best to come up with inventive ways to help the environment. Alongside giving customers the ability to buy sustainable and responsible products without the guilt!

Want to know more about sustainable brands, or about how to invest in these pieces for your home? Talk to NW3 Interiors to see how they can help.

By Skyla Madhvani