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 NW3 Interiors designs a living room inspired by Soho House

Soho House Style

Designer Molly Fern shares how the Soho House style inspires her interior design residential projects.

Molly has worked at NW3 Interiors for six years and landed her dream project in Chiswick, London. This allowed her to deliver her favourite style, which the client shared.

Read the interview below describing which Soho Houses around the globe influence her design choices.

Which is your favourite British Soho House?

My favourite British Soho House has to be my local one – Shoreditch House. Of course it’s always tough in comparison to think about the scenic scapes and super cool bedrooms at Farmhouse or the idyllic tranquility of Babington. But this one just slightly takes the lead. It’s my regular, my number one and provides me with the perfect city escape just 20 minutes from my front door. Whether it’s reading a book in the sun by the pool with the resident DJ dishing out summer vibes or a warm booming ambience of a night out and Picante’s with the girls. To a last minute Sunday roast in-front of the fire or devouring my body weight in delicious Japanese food on the glorious green-leafed rooftop restaurant. I’m always spoiled for choice within a very small sq footage!

How is the aesthetic of Soho House influential on your style?

Soho House aesthetic combines an array of textures, materials and colour schemes. To provide a cosy, mid-century vibe with a sprinkle of charm throughout.   A lot of contemporary design and, indeed, modern architecture, although incredibly stunning, lack the character that makes a space feel homely rather than a show home or a museum. The bold combinations and layers throughout any Soho House design are unique and thoughtful. You can’t help but feel at Home in any House you visit or any bedroom you stay in. And that is (or should be) a designer’s ultimate goal.


Which is the best-designed Soho House in the world?

Oh… hmm. That’s a tough one considering I’ve only been to a handful! And all of them are so different. I have to say, naturally because I’m drawn to warmer climates, that the Tel Aviv House looks super cool. And I’ve seen some glimmers of designs for the new House in Bangkok, again, which looks super cool. That might be to do with the checkered pool area as I have a bit of a thing for check pattern at the moment. I’m also due to visit Rome and Paris this year where there are a couple new houses. So ask me again in a year!

Do the products from Sohohome integrate well with modern and contemporary settings?

I think as a general sweeping statement you can integrate any type of design within another. It just has to be done well. And with consideration. I can’t imagine you would kit out an entire new white marble mansion with the Soho Home ranges but I can see how you could easily balance a handful of items and pair them with other pieces that balance them out. It can be fairly tricky to do though. My recommendation would be to hire a designer… always… obviously. 

What colours schemes do you foresee will be trending in 2023?

I see rich reds and burgundy’s coming back into play. I think a lot of designs will be focusing on one colour room schemes. And centralising around using one colour but in multiple tones and shades to create some cool and interesting spaces with a lot of depth.Think violets, purples and red’s and muted blues with pops of greenery from foliage and plants… hydrangea-esque tones. These will be the main characters in play for 2023. I’m actually looking forward to it.


Which location would you choose to add a SohoHouse?

I mean they’ve just done Paris – right in time for my December trip this year. So that’s a great start. They’ve pretty much covered all bases from what I can gather. So my only suggestion would potentially be my hometown of Jersey. Though it’s a small island it could do with an injection of creativity and having a central creative space could encourage this!


Do clients ask you for ‘SohoHouse’ style and how do you deliver this?

Yes we definitely have people requesting this. Which is funny because Soho House offer a design team but I think people who know homes and know clients just do it differently. There isn’t a ‘one fits all’ brand so I think people come to us to have the blend and the mix. Achieving the warmth, playfulness and cosiness of a Soho House vibe, without it looking like we’ve pulled it straight from a catalogue. They usually just mean they want something that feels like that, but isn’t necessarily everything off of their website. So we usually lace in bits and pieces throughout but would look to Soho Home as ‘inspiration’ rather than to specify everything from. A home design also always focuses around the existing home aesthetic, is it a period home, a modern home, a midcentury home. Which is why everything needs to be considered before you start choosing furnishings to make sure it ’suits’ the space. 

How have your bathroom designs been influenced by being a member of SohoHouse?

The bathrooms I have designed I would say play a big part in influencing visits to the houses. They have the most amazing colour combinations, interesting tiles and printed or textured wallpapers. One of their biggest styles that I like to emulate into my work is their choice of woods. The wood never looks new, it always carries the charm and the warmth and combines the old with the new to create a timeless look. I don’t like designing things that look too ’new’. So using reclaimed wood is a great way to achieve this. It has to have depth to it otherwise you lose the ‘I could stay here forever’ feeling.

Chiswick Family Home en-suite by NW3 Interiors 

Chiswick Family Home toilet by NW3 Interiors 

Soho House – Tel Aviv

Soho House – Tel Aviv

Soho House – Tel Aviv