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Why we partner with super-star furniture brands

We love to introduce our clients to our luxury brand partners such as Knoll, Vitra & B&B Italia. This is for a multitude of reasons. When you compare the designs, quality and workmanship of products from these brands there really is no comparison to high-street retailers.

Our luxury interior partners are passionate about their work, committed to their designs and designers and withheld strong brand and work ethics. That’s why we visit trade shows, factories, galleries and exhibitions. We drink coffees with company directors, employees and get lost in discussions with designers and collaborators. We believe in what we do, the service we give and the products we supply.

Buy cheap – buy twice

As overwhelming as it may seem to part with a larger sum of money when you can find replicas for 50% of the price, we help our clients understand the rationale behind investment pieces. It’s a false economy to “buy cheap and buy twice”.  The future re-sale of furniture, when purchased from a world-renowned brand retains its value.  A real person looking over your hand-made piece, rather than built on a factory line is surely going to provide a a higher quality product.  A timeless classic which will be loved and enjoyed and passes on generation to generation.  When you put it like that it seems silly to us that anyone would chose the former. Timeless design classics that have withstood the test of time for over a century. They are are still considered modern today which is a an incredible achievement.

Your home deserves quality, where to start

When you buy luxury furniture you’re investing in your home, the place where we spend 40% of our lives. If that doesn’t make you want to buy furniture that withstands children spillages, caters for over 6,000 dinner parties and lasts longer than your husbands hairline then we don’t know what will!

“I regret saving to buy a timeless design classic for my home” said no-one ever.

“If there is one place to start, to really enjoy those special moments at the weekend, buy a Knoll Womb chair and footstool.  This chair has ‘wings’ which can take your coffee, newspaper or laptop.  It was designed in the 60’s and now has new fillings to ensure it’s super comfortable for hours.  Place in a corner, along with a reading lamp to really maximise the experience. ” Says Carly Madhvani, Director of NW3 Interiors.

View the womb chair and stool in teal fabric, in this lounge image showcasing our Autumn Trends 2018 below.  You’re welcome to take a seat.

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