Secrets and tips by Carly and Molly…

Thank you all so much for your lovely feedback on our Instagram at the moment. We are really enjoying creating content and doing something a little different. Now for the secrets. As interior designers, we’re asked by friends, family and even followers for our interior secrets and tips. Whether you want to make your house into a beautiful home or you just want to refresh an area, we hope you find these useful.



Please tell us, what is the best way of making a space look bigger?

Carly says the secret is having “furniture on legs… as high as possible”. Why? Well it’s because sofas and beds which reach the floor don’t allow for flow. Where there is space under an item of furniture, it creates space and air flow. She continues, “a great example of a ‘floating furniture feeling’ is the Michel Sofa by B&B Italia and also the new Pia dining chair by DK3 as they have the additional feature of a ‘stiletto’ narrow leg, which adds to the space saving style.” 

For Molly, her secret is to declutter. She suggests buying Marie Kondo’s ‘The life changing magic of tidying up’ and ditching all of the things that you don’t need. William Morris once said, ‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful’. Molly says that this motto has proved helpful every time she does an annual over-haul.



What are your tips for making a house a home?

Carly says that it’s most important to create a colour palette which works with your personality. She continues, ‘there is a lovely book titled ‘The Little Book of Colour’ by Karen Haller. Each chapter has practical examples colour tones, which make us feel happy, or secure.” So what Carly is saying is that if you get the balance right, you will enjoy your home to the fullest.

Molly’s secret are candles and diffusers. She says, “the way your home smells is important, it brings a sense of place and familiarity. Also candles are great for a relaxing ambience.” Secondly, Molly advises to be mindful of layers. She continues, “add layers to a space with textiles, cushions, blankets, throws & curtains. Making a space cosy and comfortable will have you running to get home after a long day.” Finally, Molly says not to be influenced by other opinions but to “work with a style you love and stick to it. Your home should be personal to you. No one else.”




Readers want to know, what are your bedroom must haves and where you get your favourites from?

For Carly it’s silk sheets by Ginger Lily. Soft and luxe and help keep away eye age lines! (So she is lead to believe anyway…). Secondly, a mirror which is lit, so applying make-up is a doddle even when you’re in a mad-rush. Carly purchased Simplehuman Sensor freestanding mirror for her dressing table (and not a lash is out of place!). Finally, a super soft rug under your feet. It’s so that every time you have to drag yourself out of bed you immediately land on luxury.  Carly loves The Rug Company as their range is vast and they collaborate with a few of her favourite female designers, ie Kelly Weastler.
Molly says that for her, bedding is SO important. Her bedsheets are a high thread count eco-cotton from Whisper Sleep, so she can sleep well and feel good. Secondly, she believes in a pillows & a duvet. She comments, “you spend half your life in bed so it’s worth investing in. I always have goose feather and down and have so many pillows that my bed is now legally considered a giant marshmallow”. . Finally, candles. She says, “I absolutely love the candles from st.eval, the ‘Embers’ sent smells like a real log fire and it’s delicious this time of year.”