Hampstead housing market

In the UK, 58% of properties taken off the housing market this year were withdrawn rather than sold. It’s a confusing time trying to navigate the housing market, especially in areas that are hugely effected by the stamp duty rise, such as Hampstead. For example, Stamp Duty Land Tax for a £2 million home is £153,750. Since selling your house has become increasingly more expensive and difficult, residents are instead choosing to invest in their homes.







Why you should invest in your home

Investing in your home, rather than selling it, has three main benefits.

  1. To save money

Many aspects, including the stamp duty rise, has made it more and more expensive to sell your home and move, especially if you are planning to trade up the housing ladder.

  1. It’s less stressful

In the UK it is now more likely that you will struggle finding a buyer, than successfully selling your home. This can be difficult in itself, not to mention the stress that moving brings if you are in fact successful.

  1. To improve your life at home

Rearranging your rooms can be more convenient for your daily routine, while purchasing additional furniture can help you to relax and unwind from your day.

  1. To fall in love with your home again

Revamping the house and rethinking the space can revitalise how you see your home. It’s easy to get used to your layout and décor, but as your life evolves you can invest in your home to keep up with your changing priorities.


How to fall in love with your home again – ways of revamping

Adding a statement piece

Select statement pieces can be key to helping you relax, by offering either tranquillity, convenience, or both. Great examples to choose from are a comfy lounge chair like our lovely Saarinen Womb Chair by Knoll, a table in that space you’ve always needed one, or a reading light set up in your favourite spot to curl up with a book. These seemingly small improvements can help you enjoy your weekends and improve your ‘me time’.

Re-arrange your rooms

As you and in many cases your family, grow and develop, your needs will change. Undoubtedly, the functions of your house will change alongside this. However, moving home isn’t always the answer – simply changing the rooms themselves may do the trick. For example if your young family is growing up, you could turn the playroom into a dining room, a neglected dining room into an office, the always empty spare room into a gym. Even swapping rooms around as your priorities change: if you’ve started working from home a lot swap your study with a larger room that’s barely used. The possibilities are endless, and the results are fantastic.

Make your garden a room

Don’t forget about outside! No longer simply a space for flowers and a sprinkler, with the right items you can make your garden a fully functioning space. In the summer, it’s easy to make homely by adding outdoor furniture and that all important barbeque. But it doesn’t stop there – there’s a great range of outdoor furniture that will survive the winter months. In addition, outdoor heaters (fire pits) and lighting can create a magical atmosphere.

If you’re thinking of choosing to spend money on improving your lifestyle at home, or to find more ideas on how to invest in your home, head to http://nw3interiorsltd.com/ and get inspired.