My Top 3 Restaurants in Hampstead

Restaurants run down, by the daughter of NW3

Restaurants? Well, have you ever looked up and down Hampstead High street just utterly unsure on where to decide to eat? Same. NW3 gives us so much excellent choice, some of my favourites for dining and interiors have to be:


Wagamama Food Noodles and Soup

Wagamamas Hampstead Exterior

For restaurants where you know what you’re going to get. Adding to their delicious menus: vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and kids this makes Wagamama’s the ideal location for anyone looking to enjoy a wide range of divine Asian fusion let alone its new refurbishment with wishbone chairs! The wooden textures and gorgeous lighting enhances the atmosphere of the place making Wagamama’s one of my favourite places to dine in Hampstead.

Belsize Kitchen

Belsize Kitchen Hampstead

Belsize Kitchen Treats

When it comes to good restaurants or cafés, Belsize Kitchen is one of NW3’s most recently found gem. Under the business of our days sometimes we just can’t resist the excellent dishes prepared there. My favourite has to be Brunch with the dish ‘The Gardener’ all the food feels so fresh and homemade. This all adds to its beautiful new furniture, there is a real cosy feeling in this local cafe.

Furthermore, the staff are wonderful. I have enjoyed so many lunches and breakfasts here with the family. Mum and I usually sit there brainstorming whatever is going on for the week, only recently there discussing our storage unit’s front elevation. Belsize Kitchen is a lovely warming café that is perfect for all.


Ronis Cafe Hampstead Design

Ronis Cafe Hampstead Bagel Display

Lastly but by no means least. This is definitely one of our favourites! Roni’s bakery has the most incredible bagels and some of the best after school or work snack. Furthermore, the café perches up on Roslyn Hill and always catches the most beautiful sun in the mornings. Similarly it has stunning wooden tables that I feel represent Hampstead in the best possible way.


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