Designing Dreams: My Journey to a Record Sale in Hampstead

Welcome to the story of a Hampstead property that transcended the ordinary, not just in its architecture but in the value it commanded. In the heart of Hampstead, my home was more than a residence; it was a canvas of personal design, now etched in the tale of a record-breaking sale. Join me on a journey through intentional choices that turned a home into a testament of thoughtful design. We’re excited to share how meticulous choices and a thoughtful approach transformed this residence, securing a record sale. This is a tale of design, connection, and remarkable value in the heart of Hampstead, where my home’s story unfolds beyond its walls. Discover how my design turned a house into a record-breaking home.

Highlighting the Contribution to a Record Sale Price

 Creating Lifestyle Areas:

In our design approach, we prioritise lifestyle areas that inspire daily happiness. Thoughtful consideration of hobbies and pastimes guides the curation of each space. Elements like reading nooks and exercise corners are strategically incorporated, reflecting the resident’s passions and enhancing the overall living experience.

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Aesthetic of Calm:

Central to our design is a calm aesthetic. We carefully selected materials and tones for a cohesive scheme, incorporating a palette of six colours, including black and white and three muted tones. This meticulous selection not only contributes to each room’s atmosphere but also helps maintain an overall cohesive feel throughout the entire space.


Carly Madhvani Belsize Village Apartment | NW3 Interiors | North London Interior Designers | Home Interiors

Optimising Layout:

Layout optimisation is key to our design philosophy, with a focus on symmetry. This commitment enhances visual appeal and creates a harmonious, functional living environment.

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Individually Identified Spaces and Balance Between Patterns:

Our design philosophy emphasises individually identified spaces within a cohesive whole. Achieving a balance between patterns, plain surfaces, and textured elements ensures visual harmony throughout the residence. Rooted in our design ethos of maintaining a 1/3 balance – 1/3 plain, 1/3 texture, and 1/3 patterned – every element contributes to a unified yet dynamic aesthetic, creating a living space that is both cohesive and visually engaging.

Carly & Molly Working in the NW3 Showroom

Timeless Mid-Century Furniture and Material Details:

In the pursuit of a design that lasts, I delved into the world of timeless mid-century furniture. Each piece, chosen with a personal touch, not only exudes classic charm but also promises longevity. Picture the natural leather door handles, adding a dash of sophistication that became a signature. These aren’t just details; they are elements of enduring style.

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Strong Accent Colours Where Appropriate:

Strategically incorporating strong accent colours infuses vibrancy into the design, creating focal points and adding interest to specific areas within the residence.

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From concept to a record sale, our design journey has been comprehensive and exciting. The result reflects our commitment to aesthetics and functionality, contributing to a record sale price and proving that thoughtful design adds significant value to a property.

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