There are so many glorious things to say about Hampstead, but most importantly Belsize Village. Home to NW3 Interiors, my family home and a wonderful thriving community nestled in the North of London.

The community built here began many many years ago, long before I got the privilege to move here. We decided on the area… and when I say we I mean I. My husband and I were living in Winchmore Hill and he was absolutely adamant he was going to live there for his entire life. I luckily managed to convince him that moving to Hampstead would be the best decision for us as a new family and that’s how our story with Belsize began.

Belsize Park Underground Station

I knew I wanted to have my children grow up in a beautiful area, that was safe, had a variety of places to visit, a close knit community and good schools… not much if you ask me! The idea that I could have all of this in the middle of London meant that we were sold on the idea. It didn’t take long for us to settle in. My children were offered a place at Devonshire House, just a short walk away from our home and I set up my small business NW3 Interiors!

Madhvani Kids In Belmont School Uniform

(Skyla and Kiva in their new uniform!)

The children are lucky to be surrounded by lovely people, beautiful scenery such as the Hampstead Heaths, Primrose Hill and classic english architecture. In Belsize Village we have our go-to places as we believe in supporting local and helping the little guys, after all we’re a little guy and what goes around comes around. I frequently visit Pivoine to get my nails done (she’s amazing and her seasonal window displays are always fabulous!), I get my dry cleaning done a few doors down at Pyramid and ofter nip into Oliver’s Cafe to admire his incredible artwork (which is usually of Belsize!) or to enjoy a fresh and delicious brunch.

Painting of Belsize Village by Oliver

My kids favourite shop is the late-late store, filled from front to back with all the necessities for a child, sweets, chocolate and ice cream galore! I thank the lord every day that we managed to get a home in the heart of London with a fairly large garden so that they can come home and run it all off. Thankfully there are the lovely guys at the Crescent Fruiterers who stock up on fresh fruit and veggies as well as providing a large array of seasonal flowers and Christmas trees! The staff are wonderful and are always there ready to great you with a smile, that’s probably why they were chosen to feature in this Winter’s Visa commercial!!

My go to place for Belsize Village news and updates is this site dedicated to the area, rightfully titled It’s full of up to date information about the area, what’s on and what to expect for the upcoming weeks. It’s also features lots of interesting articles about the the history and story of Belsize Park and what makes it so special, including the architecture, art and cultural heritage. One fine gentleman has even made a documentary film about our lovely village – The Belsize Story – watch it here.

We know you’ll love our village too, welcome one and all.

Love Carly x

Belsize Village by David Percy