A West London Penthouse decorated
with iconic furniture.

The Project

 The Background

This White City Penthouse apartment overlooks the central courtyard, containing a stunning golden statue of the
Greek god Helios was designed by British sculptor T.B Huxley-Jones representing the radiation of television worldwide. The ring-shaped building is lined with mosaic tiles and sharp, smart windows made from Crittall – a window/door type we’ve often used in our projects. We aimed to complement the complex’s unique Graham Dawban mid-century architecture with iconic brands from famous designers of a similar period. For example, pieces by Eero Saarinen, Harry Bertoia, and Le Corbusier feature prominently.


The Challenge

A challenge that defined this project was the urgent request of a two-week turnaround – from crucial collection to sofa relaxation. Ordering designer furniture can take several weeks or months even in normal circumstances – with the industry beset with delays from manufacturing, logistic and covid problems; we had to call on all our resourcefulness to assist.


The Solution

Through our close partnership with Knoll, we were able to borrow, beg and buy stock furniture and source pieces direct from their showroom in London. Other furniture we were able to source from previous projects. With a little luck and favours, we managed to fully fit out the home in time for Christmas.


The Outcome

The main brand we used in this project was Knoll, including an iconic marble Eero Saarinen tulip dining table with matching Saarinen Tulip dining chairs. 
A Pierro Lissoni sideboard used provided aesthetic storage and served to divide the dining area from the living area.
In the living room, we focused on tan and cream colours for a relaxing and calm area. 
To unwind at the end of the day an easily-lit bioethanol indoor fireplace was fitted which created a warm and  cosy atmosphere.
An ideal home for a London based professional to enjoy historic surroundings in stunning renowned architecture and interiors. 
This blend of neutral colours with accent classic tones achieves a style which is both serene and interesting.
 Exactly how the client likes to live!


 Design Details

This rental apartment had yellow curtains, a bright green rug and a sofa which faced the wall (rather than the view).  It was obvious (to me) that there were quick and easy ‘wins’ to snap this apartment from garish to cool. The landlord removed all the furniture and window dressings and I quickly got to work by installing floating drapes, iconic furniture to fit the environment and adding touches of calmer colours. Textures and patterns play a huge part in breaking and softening up each section and to achieve this here I chose marble in the dining table, a geometric soft rug and tapestry art. Applying a neutral tone to the walls gave the open plan area depth and warmth.  The flat is inviting, contemporary with a nod to the reference of the original architecture. It’s a pleasure to work on homes such as these.