A stunning apartment transformation in North West London.

The Project


 The Property

2-bed, 2-bath maisonette Victorian conversion in St John’s Wood London sought a mini refurbishment. This included complete decoration, part new flooring, a fully refurbished bathroom, new lighting and combining existing furniture with new.

The Brief

Our client had owned the home a few years ago and concluded that his home needed more light and a cosy feel. Together, we explored styles and discovered that he was drawn to a mix of styles: Brazilian for the books and plants in the lounge, Moroccan for the bathroom transformation, and a calm bedroom that needed bespoke storage due to its asymmetrical shape. NW3 Interiors was given three months to design each room, prepare the mood boards, and create elevation and technical drawings whilst incorporating some of his original furniture pieces (for example, the sofas, dining table and his bed). After the design phase, we had a five-week slot when the client was working abroad, and we could go in and completely transform the home, including:

  • Bespoke storage (in each room, including an impressive full height and width storage wall in the lounge)

  • Bathroom refurbishment by changing the location of the basin, adding a vanity and a solid wall, new lighting with tiled floor and tadelakt wall covering

  • Decoration – Bauwerk paint for the bedroom and office with Farrow and Ball skimming stone in the lounge

  • Lighting along the stairs and hallway, lounge pendants, spot lights and wall lights

  • Rugs and wooden flooring on the stairs and bedrooms (coordinating with existing in the lounge and hallway)

  • New radiators

  • Bench seating cushions, sofa cushions, styling, art

 Working with our usual building team, we sourced the furniture and preparations for the work to be completed within the time frame.


The Challenge

The challenge was seamlessly blending new furniture elements into the existing ones and making the dark lower-ground apartment feel light and spacious. This involved balancing classic and modern styles while addressing the lack of natural light, particularly in the stairway. Coordinating finishes and colour schemes and introducing textures were essential to achieve a warmer ambience and enhance the overall space.

The Solution

We meticulously project-managed the builders and all trades involved to address these challenges. We carefully coordinated finishes to blend traditional and modern elements, introducing interesting textures to warm and soften acoustics. Architectural patterns and colours were strategically added to enhance the existing space. We centralised the bed in the bedroom with bespoke storage, optimising space and functionality. Additionally, we incorporated a tadelakt finish on the ceilings to create a calm and cosy atmosphere. We transformed the space in the lounge by removing the fireplace and installing a built-in bespoke storage unit with bronze doors, creating a striking feature wall. To enhance the natural light, we strategically added plenty of light fixtures and a large mirror in the hallway to create the illusion of space and brightness.

The Outcome

Our efforts resulted in a remarkable transformation of the property. We created a cohesive and inviting atmosphere by infusing soft tones throughout all spaces. Introducing tadelakt on the walls added a luxurious touch and contributed to the overall calming ambience. The addition of bespoke storage in the bedroom and lounge not only enhanced aesthetics but also brought warmth through the use of wood elements. These custom storage solutions not only elevated the visual appeal of the spaces but also improved functionality by maximising storage capacity. Our tailored approach successfully achieved the client’s goal of creating harmonious, cosy, and visually pleasing living spaces that reflect their unique style and preferences.


 Design Details

Thank you to our photographer for these beautiful images
Kasia Fiszer

Had a brilliant experience with NW3 Interiors, they were incredibly thoughtful and creative with their interior suggestions. They were very happy to be led and take on my ideas, along with complementing them with their own.My key takeaway was the lack of stress from carrying out a large project, they took almost everything off of my plate, and made the process very seamless from start to finish. Operationally they got things done when needed to. Sometimes they did need a little nudge in the right direction, but this is no different to any other company carrying out works. And from a purely personal level, everyone was incredibly friendly and personable, it was great working with Carly, who's ideas and energy really helped with the early process of the project. And special shoutouts to Blaise and Molly who worked tirelessly to get the project over the line.I couldn't recommend NW3 Interiors more, and they've left my with a beautiful property that I can call home.