A Timeless Elegance: Total Renovation of A Luxury Country Estate

The Project


 The Property

The project involved an 8000-square-foot property set on two acres of land. It consisted of an original country house with a non-optimised layout. It was redesigned to have a central entrance leading to dual aspects, three floors, a double garage with an ensuite room above, and an outhouse containing a gym and pool house. The property featured eight bedrooms and eight bathrooms. The home was demolished except for the front facade due to conservation consent, with NW3 Interiors handling all interior architecture after the architect specified the walls and door placements.

The Brief

The family of five desired a multifunctional home serving as a personal resort. They wanted to retain the tennis court and create a timeless design, allowing for future colour customisation. The home needed a cinema room, sports facilities, and spaces for watching football. The style aimed to blend traditional architecture with modern, neutral tones accented with pops of colour. The brief also included designing an exciting entrance, living rooms, kitchen, orangery, and all bedrooms and bathrooms. Collaborating with a local builder, the scope of works included layouts, wall decoration, socket locations, door details, window dressings, flooring, kitchen and bathroom design, and a full furniture and lighting package. The brief also specified bespoke joinery, a luxurious master suite, prominent and well-considered lighting, and soft textures in rugs and furnishings.

The Challenge

Challenges included integrating the resort-like features within a timeless design, coordinating with builders and architects, ensuring the layout facilitated smooth flow, and meeting the family’s extensive functional and aesthetic needs. This required meticulous planning and regular site visits to ensure specifications were met, especially for the complex kitchen and lighting solutions.

The Solution

The solution involved extensive collaboration with the builder and regular site inspections to align the design with the client’s vision. Inspired by hotel aesthetics, the design incorporated a figure-of-eight flow for furniture placement, diverse lighting options for different atmospheres, and custom kitchen appliances tailored to the client’s cooking style. Key features included a cascading entrance light and architectural curves to soften the home’s strong lines. Specific solutions included designing the lighting to create various atmospheres, specifying the height and placement of lights, and ensuring all materials chosen created a sense of calmness appropriate for the space.

The Outcome

The outcome is a versatile family home supporting work and leisure. The office provides a quiet workspace with a cosy fire, while the property offers sports facilities, a cinema, and ample space for entertaining. The design facilitates seamless indoor-outdoor living, with practical tiling for easy transitions. The home, rich in storage and luxurious details, is a testament to the family’s hard work and is poised to serve them for decades in a serene country setting. The result is a perfect family home where each family member had a say in its design, fulfilling their dream of an ideal living space.

 Design Details

Thank you to our photographer for these beautiful images
Kasia Fiszer

” We embarked on a journey of renovating a country home in Sevenoaks in 2021. It took some time to receive planning and conservation consent (checking for bats in the roof created some delays!). The old home came down and new walls emerged. We engaged an architect early on for the main structure and floor plans, which was useful for the main building works. However we found the team of builders and designers worked really well together to create a home without architects being involved furthermore. We were seeking a designer who understood our vision and could guide us through each step of ideas, selecting, ordering and installing. Sharing with us a design style which was deliverable and unique to us whilst giving attentive service for 3 years. We were introduced to NW3 Interiors from a friend who recommended Carly and her team and we are thrilled that they didn’t disappoint. From collaborating with the builders, to giving her passion for high-end global brands but also listening to our input when we needed – to reduce the budget or if we wanted a particular injection of colour. 3 years is a long time and we are impressed that the relationship remained strong and rewarding for both sides. The home has many features such as an arched entrance, ceiling panelling in a pattern which “connects to the geometry of the home”, a bathroom with hand-painted wallpaper (!) and a fire which can be enjoyed from 2 rooms. These and many more – all of which we would never have thought of ourselves. The cost of a designer was off-set against the trade price savings which really helped and made it feel it was good value. Carly is a passionate designer – highly organised and easy to get along with. We recommend their services – as you can sit back and have less stress whilst not over spending. We are aware of the many hours of communicating with suppliers and construction teams – they took this arduous chore away. What a blessing! As for the design… as I wrote in our active Whatsapp project chat …. it’s ‘phenomenal’. We intend to sell the home in 2025 and we are certain that creating this ‘turn-key’ home – with these considered design details and quality of finish and luxury – will maximise our return.”


           Client Testimonial, July 2024