Regents Park Penthouse designed, decorated and furniture
sourced exclusively by NW3 Interiors.

The Project

The Challenge

Our client needed help after purchasing this stunning penthouse at Regents Park. The challenge was to create a space facilitating seating for her entire family and guests. Our client needed assistance with space planning and layout alongside design work and sourcing of design classics. Our client had a broad knowledge of classic collections from NW3’s favourite brand partners. We assisted with refining decisions on how best to include a handful of carefully selected classic pieces.

The Solution

Providing a refined selection of collections we were able to narrow down the options for our client. Thus aiding the enjoyment of the design process as this makes the client feel less overwhelmed. Our main aim when designing is to make the experience stress free and exciting, rather than daunting. Our process of elimination meant that we decided pieces for the home quickly, allowing us to place an order within just a few weeks of our first meeting. Fast orders mean fast installation. And as a result, the project was completed in time for Christmas!

The Outcome

The final outcome for this project was a timeless and aesthetically balanced space. Included were classic styles from our elite brands chosen specifically to work with the period styling of the home. We supplied a gorgeous Barcelona Day Bed in naked leather to work with the soft tones in the lounge and brought out pink and green hues to work with he chandeliers and to add colour as requested by the client. The grasshopper works perfectly to fill the dining area and optimise seating space for hosting.

In conclusion, our client was thrilled as we created a liveable showroom-esque penthouse apartment to wow family and guests and give them a home they will love forever.

Thank you to our photographer for these beautiful images

I found NW3 Interiors completely by chance, but now, I would say it was serendipity. Carly and Molly did a wonderful job. They understood what I desired for my home and translated my vague ideas into a stunning vision. I got the flat that I wanted with no effort on my part. We would sit together, have a chat, and then they would make it a reality.
The whole process was so much fun that I wish I had another flat to design and decorate.
Thank you Ladies!

Kavita. P