A Contemporary Chic Hampstead Village Apartment
with views over North London.

The Project

 The Background

Our clients contacted us in September 2020. They purchased a new apartment in Hampstead. The owners were overseas, so needed to rely on us to pull the project together whilst thousands of miles away. We created a design concept which included a complete tailored service: renovation works with our trades team. This consisted of  new bespoke storage units in each of the rooms, materials and paint colour specifications and a full furniture package mainly from our high-end brand partners.

The Challenge

The property was a challenging space consisting of 3 bedrooms with irregular height proportions. For example, in just one room the ceiling height varied from 4m to 1.3m. There are many advantages of high ceilings in homes, however,  they can also cause acoustic issues due to the ceilings acting as an echo chamber. This is something we factored in to the design. Our main aim was to firstly, optimise the space and secondly, incorporate the key pieces and brands our clients had initially discussed with us.

Further, the lounge required multiple revisions in terms of layout as the square shape made it difficult to position a lounge and dining space. We needed to work around these limitations in order to create a home that was both practical to live in and beautiful. This was an enjoyable and exciting challenge. In terms of the installation, we used about 25 different suppliers. So, coordinating all the deliveries amidst a rather chaotic time for importing to the UK, alongside our trade professionals to get it all completed at once required a lot of management and planning.


The Solution

Living/ Dining

Firstly, we created a layout that would solve all the above and allow for our clients’ favourite furniture collections. Working seamlessly around the sloped ceilings. In the lounge, we opted for a cool wall display of acoustic wood panelling. This made the lounge both more acoustically sound and worked perfectly to complement the chestnut-wood backed sofa. The panelling further helped us to work with the recessed niches by turning them into hidden storage cupboards.

Secondly,  we added display storage by fitting in units beneath the shallow slanted ceiling and using a Red Baron shelving from Knoll that only just (by a few centimetres) squeezed in. In the lounge, where the space was compromised slightly, our clients wanted  to have both a large sofa and a large dining table for entertaining. To solve this, we physically created a mock-up of the layout in our own showroom. This allowed us to test out if there was enough space to manoeuvre around and if it worked comfortably with the pieces.  We got tight and accurate measurements  to ensure we could fit everything the client wanted without making it too tight to get around.


In the bedrooms, we fitted custom made storage units, large beds, and created a snug vanity unit in the corner to maximise the space. We used warm, tonal colour palettes with a pop of blue to keep it contemporary but cosy. Immediately creating a hotel-esque feel with ambient, thoughtful lighting and interesting textures and patterns.


The office which was previously a bedroom, we turned into a cool and masculine space. We used dark textured wallpaper and dark marbles with chrome accents. A large desk, 60’s vibe lighting, and a large arm chair with a footstool perfect for taking work calls.


The Outcome

The outcome was a refreshed contemporary and timeless home. One that oozes elegance and character for the couple to enjoy for years to come. It is both a welcoming home and a great place to entertain with fantastic views across London. Throughout we thoroughly enjoyed discussing, collaborating and presenting ideas with our clients who played an active role within the design process. We wish the lovely couple a life time of happiness and hope they enjoy their beautiful and unique home.

 Design Details

Thank you to our photographer for these beautiful images

Carly and Molly at NW3 Interiors helped us design an interior that matched our vision & contemporary style for our home. From their experience, they brought us ideas that we never would have considered, that now define & enhance our space. Throughout the process, Carly & Molly were very responsive, constantly generating creative ideas and very considerate of tailoring to our style. We are thrilled with the end result!