Cohesive scheme that brought together both the beautiful aesthetics of the space as well as the practical requirements of our clients daily life.

The Project

The Challenge

When we first visited this luxury apartment we were wowed by the beautiful and unique style of the home. Our wonderful client who owns this apartment has an incredible eye for design. The client requested our help with some finishing touches and design ideas to accommodate her daily life. As a powerhouse businesswoman, our client was short of time and needed assistance with design decisions for balancing the practical aspect along with the existing interiors.

The Solution

The Library

First, we worked on the Library space. Our client loved the room but felt as though it was not cosy enough for her. Resulting in her choosing to not spend time there. To make the space more interesting we chose a subtle wallpaper with movement to add texture. Further,  we replaced the  modern chunky bookcases  mid-century style wall storage. In addition, to create sufficient ambience and light, new lighting was installed. This included spotlights, a stunning pendant and Art Deco style wall lights. Undoubtedly, creating an ambience was key to this part of the project. Making the space feel warm and inviting.

Then we erected a bookcase, to create additional storage space and a marble coffee table.  We used The Broken Maze rug by Jennifer Manners  to create more interest and balance the textures. The cushions added a feminine touch with floral print and vintage trim. Finally our favourite cane chair was selected to create extra seating without blocking the doorway.

The Lounge

The lounge area didn’t need much in the way of design but we couldn’t help but recommend a few extras to really finish the space off. A Flos IC pendant was added to create light over the dining table. The tv unit looked a little flat as it was painted one colour. We painted the trim of the cupboards in gold paint to reflect the brass framed paintings on the opposing wall. The small knobs on the cupboard doors were replaced with hand-carved bone handles from Ochre. We supplied a portable Alexander Joseph light that our client could use in any room for reading or ambience. Thus allowing there to be no cables running from the wall to the sofa.

The Hallway

In the hallway, we supplied a large wooden unit from Porada which provided ample shoe and bag storage space for our client. We created additional coat storage using a mirror fronted tall unit also from Porada. The awkward corner was a perfect space for more DK3 in warm walnut wood. Perfect storage for our clients’ book collections.

The Dining Area

The dining area of the apartment kitchen wasn’t appropriate for our client in terms of the practicality. Although beautiful, the two wispy wooden chairs were uncomfortable for long sitting. And the 90cm dining table provided inadequate space for dining. We swapped out the 90cm table for a 120 version in a Calacatta marble to work with the brass ochre light above. We replaced the wooden dining chairs for four Gubi beetle dining chairs in a variety of velvets and a soft stone trim and brass legs. DK3 wall storage in a soft green and brass was used for decoration and storage.


The Outcome

The finished home was a cohesive scheme that brought together both the beautiful aesthetics of the space as well as the practical requirements of our clients daily life. Creating a luxurious and ambient space that impresses and wows from the entrance. Retaining period features throughout this home is laced with quality luxury pieces, vintage treasures and cultural influences. Therefore making it an exceptional living space. As a result, not only have we accentuated a beautiful home but we have thoroughly enjoyed the process of design with our client.

Thank you to our photographer for these beautiful images

The project centred on modernising a relatively uninspiring study/living room. Carly and Molly took elements of the existing style and combined these with modern lighting, a sophisticated colour palette and functional pieces. It is now a room I am proud of and choose to spend time in. Carly and Molly are passionate about what they do and have a creative eye and a palpable enthusiasm and energy. I am now working with them to add similar style and flair to my hallway and it may not stop there!