Belsize Village Apartment design project
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The Project


The Background

Belsize Village Apartment project was a huge effort as an entirety. We spent 4 years  submitting various plans  for an outdoor covered swimming pool with a basement area. They kept getting rejected. We submitted an appeal, however, also rejected. Whilst we lost hope for the ability to be able to extend the family home, an offer to purchase the above flat presented itself. Challenge was accepted.

The Challenge

Our highest priority was to work with original features, yet this ended up dominating the design decisions.  The lounge had unusual proportions as the ceiling was 4 meters tall. This meant  the furniture had to be on the large side to make an impact on the volume of the space.

Electrics, plumbing, lighting, windows, tiling, flooring all needed replacing. The windows had to be historic glass. Window handles were difficult to source as not the standard traditional type. Furthermore, it was a big surprise to reveal a ceiling made from cardboard.  In addition we found weak floor joists. Any period home will throw  these sorts of issues which are impossible to prepare for. Nevertheless, this is what a contingency plan enables; a little wiggle room.

The Solution

In General

Firstly, our solution was to work with our experienced team of master craftsmen.  They are highly skilled and take pride in the finished product. Furthermore, we kept regular communications with the project manager and created fast and effective solutions.   In addition, we amended our drawings regularly to keep up with the change in designs.

The decoration team took twice the length of time to prepare for the paintwork.  However, they achieved a 3D high definition effect on the existing panelling.  It was worth it!   The lounge interior architecture is back to its Victorian glamour era, like it would have been back when it was built in 1901.


The swimming pool was denied, however, a hot tub spa-swim pool with an electric lid was craned into the extended terrace area. This evidently hugely pumped up the outdoor vibe. Similarly a world-class water-proof sofa set, a bio-ethanol fire and a portable cinema screen.


The Outcome

A beautifully entwined extension of a family home and design studio. Natural light optimised and the window frames extenuated to frame the outdoor trees and garden. The mix of mid-century, modern and clean silhouettes along with real wood and calm tonal colours compliment the energy of this family home. Each iconic design statement piece has space to breathe. The artwork was kept simple but interesting, to be an intrinsic part of the design.

The wellness spa ensures relaxation for guests , whilst a cool gym  gets the heart racing. Lighting has been meticulously researched and placed in under-lit areas to create an ambient glow for ultimate relaxation. This Belsize Village Apartment is a blend of interiors from a variety of cultures with rich textures, wooden accents and original features. In conclusion, a stylish space that works both practically and aesthetically for the whole family.

 Design Details

Thank you to our photographer for these beautiful images

This stunning renovated property features a chic home spa with a sauna and steam room, an enviably stylish home gym and Pinterest-worthy home office, as well as a stunning patio garden with a swimming pool, outdoor bar, firepit, hot tub, bbq area and outdoor cinema.

Lotte Brouwer

Living Etc