A stunning bedroom transformation in North West London.

The Project


 The Background

Our client, a familiar face, returned to collaborate with us once again. With a deep appreciation for design, especially mid-century style, she sought our expertise for her one-bedroom period flat in North West London. The flat boasts high ceilings, original woodwork, and charming period details, reflecting a timeless charm.

The Challenge

Our task was straightforward but significant: reimagine a tired bedroom, infusing it with mid-century flair while making smarter use of the space and storage. The room had a bold problem—these overpowering bright blue cupboards disrupted functionality and grew tiresome for our client. The remedy was clear: replace impractical eyesores with something efficient and chic. Our client had a strong wish—not just for an upgrade but for a design mirrored her taste and love for mid-century aesthetics. And here’s the twist: she wanted to introduce the elegance of terrazzo marble into the mix and integrate her cherished Knoll Barcelona chair. So, we weren’t just fixing the storage puzzle; we were painting a practical, personal, and elegantly timeless picture.


The Solution

Facing the challenge, we embarked on a creative journey to find a solution that marries the mid-century charm with practical transformation. Drawing inspiration from this era’s design, we blended the cosy warmth of rich woods with calming olive moss green. Our goal was twofold: reimagining storage and reinvigorating the room’s layout. We conceptualized custom storage units that seamlessly melded with the room’s design. These carefully crafted pieces replaced the once-prominent bright blue cupboards. These custom units not only serve a functional purpose but also act as design elements, shaping the room’s new look. A dynamic flow emerged by introducing flush cupboards and seamless doorways, allowing smooth transitions across different room parts. This arrangement choreographed the room’s movements. The fireplace became the room’s focal point, transformed into a captivating feature. Terrazzo tiles, laced with genuine marble and stone, brought timeless elegance that beautifully tied into the mid-century theme, adding a touch of sophistication. Embracing the mid-century essence, we chose bespoke wooden tiled flooring, each tile measuring 30 x 30. This choice established a harmonious foundation that reflected the room’s character. Drama and allure enveloped the space with the daring black ceiling, a backdrop that accentuated the room’s height and drama. We also kept the old floss lighting fixtures the client had blended into the overall design.


The Outcome

The bedroom transformed, fusing mid-century allure with practicality. Custom storage ousted the blue cupboards. Woods, greens, and terrazzo merged elegantly. Bespoke flooring grounded, black ceiling added drama. A mid-century haven, surpassing expectations—client’s vision and our design in perfect synergy.


 Design Details

Thank you to our photographer for these beautiful images

This is my second time working with Molly to bring to life a dream room in my home and I could not be happier with the result. I couldn’t have envisioned such a dramatic yet pitch-perfect transformation for the master bedroom without Molly’s extraordinary creative eye. The space itself had so much potential and she managed to exceed to what I thought would be possible. Molly had an innate understanding of my passion for mid-century interiors (terrazzo, wood and olive greens especially) but also recognised the need to infuse the space with contemporary touches to keep it fresh. The result: a stunning, texture-rich bedroom that I’ve struggled to leave since its completion. Aside from her epic design banter on WhatsApp, I especially appreciated Molly’s boldness — she was never afraid to suggest left-of-field ideas; a real design maverick who hits the mark every time. I can’t to team up with her again and continue our collaboration until my whole home is Molly-fied. Would also highly recommend NW3 Interiors for any project as they have a roster of builders, joiners and more that do impeccable work.