White High Globe by Vauni


Bio ethanol fires by Vauni are very clever! You can pick them up and move them to any space in your home to create warmth and ambiance. Outdoors during the summer and indoors in the winter.  Available in many colours, come and see it in action in our Hampstead showroom. To achieve warmth is a simple ‘pour and light’ function. To find out more or to book an appointment to come and view the showroom, please enquire below.

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The portable fireplace is freestanding and can easily be turned to get the opening in the right position. Globe is flueless and equipped with the most advanced ethanol burner on the market – that burns without smoke, soot or ash. It provides cosy warmth, and the size of the flame can be fully adjusted. The liner surrounding the burner is available in a several designs: matt cast iron, or for a more exclusive feel, polished black stone from Cosentino. Put Globe anywhere you want, enjoy the warmth and create an inviting meeting place. The fireplace can also be used outdoors, though it should be stored indoors.” – Vauni


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