Primrose Hill Guest Room & Bathroom Transformation

The client approached NW3 interiors to update their existing guest room and bathroom with a layout and style appropriate for family to stay, sport to be undertaken in terms of cycling, children to study, family to relax and for double access to the bathroom.

NW3 Interiors measured the space and created a floorpan of the existing rooms and proceeded to create options for potential different layouts for the client to chose from. They curated multiple furniture packages which included a variety of items and options, including a bed that could be pulled out from the wall, storage and a sofa bed. We showed our clients how the space would work and be utilised for each option provided.

After options were discussed with the client we presented 3 different colour palettes. The client went for the neutral, blue, grey and cream. There was a hint of country style added to correspond with existing interiors and to complement the period home. We chose brass to add metallics and a blue grey textured curtain to add warmth. After the layouts and finishes were agreed we set a schedule of works for the builders and a project timeline. NW3 we sourced all of the furniture and materials and then organised the builders to arrive 8 weeks later so that all of the design materials and furniture was ready to install.

The builders took 3 weeks to knock down the walls, create the doors, take up the floor, decorate the walls and install the cupboards.We visited throughout the process, once a week to ensure standards were met and that things were running to schedule. We also oversee projects to make sure the designs are correct and practical.

It is now both a beautiful and fully functioning space, that is designed to accommodate different uses as requested by the client.


Finished Guest Room

Bathroom Finished

Bathroom After

Bathroom Before