Prepare your home for Winter? The thought may be time consuming for some but it does not have to be difficult. Investing in some key pieces can really change up your home for the colder season. You will appreciate the cosy home and it’ll become your favourite Winter hideaway. We’re frequently asked as interior designers by clients, friends and family “how can I prepare my home for Winter?’. So we thought we would write up our top 5 tips on exactly that.


Prepare Your Home For Winter: 5 Tips


1. Vauni Fires

Prepare your home for Winter with Vauni Fires. Vauni Fires are portable and bio ethanol, so its a safe gas and no mess. They look great so you don’t have to worry about them looking out of place in the warmer months. Another bonus is that they’re indoor/outdoor too which is cool. You can find further details on them here.



2. Sheepskin everywhere…

Adding sheepskin gives a French alps villa vibe to the home. Throw them over chairs and sofas for extra comfort. Here at NW3 Interiors we have a Baa Stool too. They’re made in the UK and always get a lot of compliments.


3. Venestre Curtains

We love Venetre Curtains. We’ve worked with them on over 7 projects this year! They have an amazing variety of fabrics and hardware and David always comes up with the perfect solutions for any home. We had curtains put in the classroom to make the extension more cosy in time for winter. The sheer fabric means they’re still appropriate in Summer too!




4. Bedding

Always prepare for winter by extra layers in bed! Cosy, warm and heavy. Go for 9-14 tog duvets made from goose down, they’re a firm favourite with us. We love Soak & Sleep.


5. Rugs

Add thick wool rugs to a space to create extra cosiness and warmth! Thick pile rugs add another layer of material to make a space feel homely. We’re about to get a new one from Stark rugs  They have an amazing collection of rugs for every home and budget and collaborate with top brands like Missoni to bring clients cool and interesting designs.



How do you prepare your home for Winter?