One of our favourite finds at Maison Objet last month just had to be the fantastic furniture range of Ginger and Jagger (we even love the name).

In fact the whole show could have been staged just for them since the theme for this year’s Maison Objet was ‘Wild.’ Take a look through this post and you’ll find how this exciting, up-and-coming Portugese brand encompasses that ethos perfectly. Every single piece of their exquisite furniture is inspired by the elegance and grace of nature in all its wonderful forms – and especially wilderness.

Take their striking Magnolia Sideboard for instance – a large magnolia tree branch has been molded in brass to support the four-compartment structure which also contains four sliding drawers:

Magnolia Sideboard

Staying with the magnificent magnolia tree, the brass leaves in the luxurious-looking Leaf Mirror replicate those found on the tree itself. How much would your heart soar looking into this mirror every morning?:

Leaf Mirror

Ginger and Jagger’s Rosebush series comprises a cast of rosebush vines for legs on various tables such as this stunning glass-topped dining table which is available in either copper leaf or silver. It’s so detailed you can actually see the thorns:

Rosebush series

All the items in this three year old company’s furniture collections is produced by artisans in local workshops. They use top-notch material found in nature such as marble, exotic wood, copper and brass while branches, stones and grape vines are all a major influence. One of the company’s most popular and sought-after items is the Pebble stool (which can also be used as a smart side-table). The triple-sectioned piece is comprised of two beautiful woods – Brazilian cedar and chestnut:

the Pebble stool

Based on the outskirts of Porto, the brand attracted international design attention in Milan last year with its beautiful Pearl wall lamp. This gorgeous piece was based on a shell, hand-carved in Carrara marble and affixed to a brushed brash plate:

Pearl wall lamp

The founder and creative director of the company is Paula Sousa. In her décor tastes she favours plush retro-style and sleek modernist classics (she’s a particular fan of the Eames chair).

The brand meanwhile is loved by the fashion house Dior who has featured it in their stores in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Kuwait. You’ll also find Ginger and Jagger furniture displayed in top retail outlets in Moscow as well as right here in London at Harrods. Actually we predict you’re going to be seeing a lot more of this brand over the coming year – and not just here at NW3Interiors.

All images via Ginger and Jagger.