Teen Bedroom

The Challenge

A long, narrow room, with poor light and awkward corners made this small project challenging and thought-provoking. It is a child’s room, a small boy, so we wanted to design something that was fun and welcoming for a child with room for toys, and space to play, but also suitable for a teenager, and a space that could feel cool and grown up.

The room had an old-fashioned and bulky boxed radiator, taking up precious space and making the narrow room even narrower, so we knew this had to go.  Nothing could make this room pretend to be brighter than it is, so lighting had to be approached cleverly and effectively.


The Solution

The first thing we did was to get rid of the radiator, and replace it with a clever low cast iron radiator with a wooden seat on top, making a toasty bench.  Spot lighting brightened the room up without clutter, and we added a clever folding pool table to brighten up playdates, without occupying too much space when not in use.

We brought in one of our favourite suppliers, One Off Oak, to make the custom wardrobe and desk unit, as nothing “off the shelf” was going to suit this difficult space, and we wanted something rustic and masculine that the occupant of the room would still love as he grows into his teens.