Little Venice

Designed, decorated and furniture sourced exclusively by NW3 Interiors.

The Project


The Challenge

Our clients are a lovely family who relocated from the U.S. to a large rental property in Little Venice. The first part of the process was to assist the client with floor plans showing how to layout their existing furniture and to add key pieces of new furniture to create the home which would be most practical and enjoyable for the family.

The children love to dance and are extremely musical; so the challenge was to create a beautiful second reception room that housed a variety of instruments and was also adaptable for different uses whilst maintaining an elegant, mature and fitting aesthetic to flow with the rest of the house especially the front reception room.


The Solution

We sourced furniture from B&B Italia including the storage units that were designed by us, to allow room to store musical instruments for the children and we provided rugs that were handmade in India to create a luxurious, colourful space that could also be used in different homes for when the family eventually move. As well as sourcing from Knoll to give the family quality, timeless pieces to be used over and over. We also supplied and designed a new office space that was practical but clean, allowing for storage to do it’s job whilst also being aesthetically pleasing for the couple to work from home.


The Outcome

We created a more practical home for the family, allowing them to maximise their spaces and the usability. Creating a sound environment to work together, including bespoke Knoll office storage system. The room adjacent to the family lounge was turned into a music / dance room, allowing versatility but keeping within the scheme of a modernised period home. Creating multiple storage spaces to house all of the families musical instrument,  thus keeping the home clutter free!


Design Details