Camden Mews

Designed, decorated and furniture sourced exclusively by NW3 Interiors.

The Project


The Challenge

Our clients were a wonderful couple who have bought this spectacular mews house in Camden. It’s warmth and character was crying out for beautiful and unique pieces of furniture. Requiring bespoke designs and two bathrooms which needed a complete re-configuration in the layout and design. The functionality of the spaces needing addressing to make the flow of the ground floor more cohesive. The first floor needed a new layout alongside iconic pieces to create a homely vibe. The Mezzanine floor above the lounge was also ready to be rethought as it was essentially a store space for files and paperwork.


The Solution

Collaborating with a fantastic team of builders, curtain makers, wooden flooring specialists and our trusted furniture, rug and lighting brands created a luxurious yet super cool home which our clients love. Incorporating key pieces from DK3, Knoll and Vitra to add to the midcentury aesthetic. We installed lighting, alongside balancing the wooden textures throughout and including cool colour accents to truly reflect the iconic theme of the property. We redesigned both the master ensuite and guest bathroom to make the spaces wide rather than long. The redesign featured Neutra elements, such as their beautiful marble sink units which we paired with large tiles and wooden elements to create a serene spa like feel.


The Outcome

This stunning, unique home was totally transformed and our clients were overwhelmed when they finally got to see their completed space. A warm inviting ambience was created from the first foot in the door, all the way up to the magazine worth mezzanine office space. We created a more practical, functional and stunning home for them to enjoy for years to come.


Design Details

From the start the service Carly provided was personal and inspiring, taking us on a tour of her home so that we could see her design aesthetic in action, see many of the products first hand, and hear her explain some of her brilliant design ideas that add both form and function to the finished result.

Carly listened and understood what we were looking for, shared a number of ideas for our project with us, and together with her team presented us with options, welcomed our contributions, and over the next couple of weeks a final plan evolved, that both demonstrated Carly’s expertise and felt very much designed for the context of our mid century style home.

Our bathrooms were completely redesigned, with a wall between them moved, and everything rebuilt with beautiful Italian marble and fixtures. Carly sourced designer furniture for our living and dining area and Bert Frank lighting which really finishes the look. Carly was able to recommend an excellent builder, a team to refurbish the wooden floors, a craftsman who built a cabinet for our bathroom out of solid oak, and a supplier to install electric blinds in our bedroom.

The NW3 Interiors team were involved every step of the way. They produced technical drawings, including a lighting and electrical plan, and Carly liaised directly with the builder, sourced and ordered materials from the various suppliers and ensured prompt delivery. Carly also visited the site on a regular basis to check on progress and make any fine adjustments where necessary. Carly’s knowledge of the technical as well as design aspects of the build proved invaluable. When we unexpectedly found some old plumbing that the builder couldn’t move, the team quickly adjusted plans that day so that there were no delays.

Carly’s passion for her work, desire to achieve an excellent result, and her warm, friendly and welcoming approach made working with her a dream.

We are delighted with the result, and I have no hesitation in recommending NW3 Interiors!

Thank you!

Duncan Carmichael