Introducing the Avant-Garde Comfort: The  Pillo Sofa designed by Willo Perron, made by Knoll

Discover the perfect blend of avant-garde design and all-encompassing comfort with the NEW Pillo Sofa designed by Willo Perron, made by Knoll.

At Nw3 Interiors, we pride ourselves on offering only the finest in contemporary design, and our role as official Knoll dealers exemplifies this commitment.

 We are thrilled to introduce the latest addition to the Knoll collection: the Perron Pillo Sofa, a masterpiece crafted by the acclaimed French-Canadian designer Willo Perron.

Willo Perron’s distinct approach to design infuses the Perron Pillo Sofa with a sense of humour and surprise, creating an avant-garde piece that is as comfortable as it is visually striking. This sofa is not just for sitting; it invites you to jump in, curl up, and relax, making it a perfect refuge from the daily grind. Its deep seats and plush cushions offer unparalleled comfort, designed to embrace you fully.

Why we love it?

What sets the Perron Pillo Sofa apart is its adaptability. The modular components can be effortlessly reconfigured to suit any space or need, offering a flexible solution for any home or office to fit any space size; additionally, with a three-hundred range of customisable upholstery, we can perfectly tailor the sofa to complement your personal style and decor.

Key Highlights of the Perron Pillo Sofa:

Avant-Garde Design: Unique and striking, this sofa brings an element of surprise and emotion to any room.

Unmatched Comfort: Deep seats and plush cushions provide a welcoming refuge.

Versatile and Adaptable: Modular components allow for countless configurations.

Customisable Upholstery: Available in a variety of fabrics to suit any style.

The Perron Pillo Sofa

The Perron Pillo Sofa

The Perron Pillo Sofa

Our team recently visited the Knoll Showroom to experience the Pillo Sofa firsthand. We were thrilled to test out its comfort levels personally and were so impressed that we ordered one on the spot! The Pillo Sofa offers exceptional comfort and comes in a vast range of fabrics, allowing for personalised style choices. Please look below for an exclusive Instagram Reel showcasing our visit and the beautiful fabric options available.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for fabrics and to order.

Delivery is currently 6-8 weeks.