Our 5 favourites… Outdoor furniture fit for British weather 

 Should the style and quality of  indoor furniture be absent from outdoor furniture?


With spring around the corner, some of you are starting to think about your outdoor spaces and getting them ready for all those spring and summer months to enjoy.

We decided to share with you our favourite brand partners for outdoor furniture.  Outdoor furniture that is of the best quality and definitely does not compromise on style or quality.

 Coco Wolf

A British boutique outdoor furniture business that evolved into a sought-after, design-led, and ethical brand. All furniture pieces are custom-made in their workshop in the UK. Keeping production local helps to ensure a commitment to uncompromising quality and detail. By employing modern and traditional manufacturing practices performed on their detail-oriented scale, Coco Wolf’s furniture is of a calibre unavailable in mass production.

Tamarindo range

Porto range

Tamarindo range

 Cane Line

A Danish design company with 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing functional, comfortable furniture. Beautiful in design and aesthetics, the Cane-line outdoor collection is made to have a comfortable outdoor living lifestyle. The all-weather furniture offers maximum comfort and minimal maintenance. Their ethos is “life made comfortable’.


Arch collection

Capture collection

Flex collection

 Vincent Sheppard

Has been designing and manufacturing outdoor furniture for 30 years. The company is the worldwide market leader in ‘Lloyd Loom’ furniture, a technique where kraft paper is twisted around a metal wire and woven into unique furniture pieces.

They combine a clear focus on quality and comfort with the craftsmanship and traditional weaving techniques to present qualitative, durable and appealing designs.

David collection

Kodo collection

Loop collection

 Andrew Martin

A well-renowned, interior designer house since 1970 that produce furniture. Their aesthetic is neither defined by a single taste nor confined by a strict style. Through a rich mix of elements, they reflect a global assortment of influences. They are more known for their interior furniture but also produce an outdoor range.

Caicos Range

Voyage range

Voyage range


A leader in luxury Italian furniture, where they promise that 99.9% is made in Italy. Minotti has a reputation for their quality and sofa’s that can last 20-30 years. Having clients worldwide, they produce a stunning outdoor collection, impeccable in style and quality.

Lido range

Cesar range

Patio range