NW3 Interiors x Knoll


Marc Krusin Dining Chair from Knoll

Marc Krusin Dining Chair from Knoll

In our NW3 blog this week, we are happy to highlight our longstanding relationship with Knoll and touch on our status as being the only independent authorised Knoll Dealer in the UK. Pretty cool, right?

Starting at the beginning, Carly identifies Knoll as responsible for starting her passion for iconic, quality design. Knoll, known for quality, luxurious feel, high standards of production, and a variety of ranges, is closely aligned in their ethos to that of which NW3 Interiors has now built its reputation. This relationship isn’t in its honeymoon phase either – it’s been 20 years in the making! So, when Carly discusses and advises on Knoll collections and design, potential suitors can be sure that Carly knows what she is talking about.


Authorised Knoll Dealer - NW3 Interiors
Through Carly’s existing relationship with the global powerhouse, NW3 Interiors can provide a host of benefits for those looking to access Knoll collections. As an independent, Carly will visit your home to ensure that colours work with your existing furniture and home setup and can also visit the Knoll showroom with potential clients to see the KnollStudio Collection, or can demonstrate the furniture in the NW3 interiors showroom if more convenient. Not only can NW3 provide an understanding of how to specify design classics from Knoll, but Carly can also provide competitive pricing on Knoll furniture
re. If you are looking for Knoll furniture, NW3 can support you through your whole journey.

There are a range of Knoll stockists, from The Conran Shop to Skandium, Heal’s to Haus, who can all provide excellent support when choosing Knoll furniture. But NW3’s independent touch can provide a unique experience. When referencing Carly, Alioscia Re, Knoll Showroom Manager, said “You are so enthusiastic about Knoll, really love and appreciate the products. You are the best ambassador.” That endorsement speaks for itself


Visit our showroom in Belsize Park to view our collection of Knoll furniture.

The Knoll showroom is based in Old Street where Knoll showcases most of their ranges
including sofas, dining tables, outdoor furniture, coffee tables, chaises, lounge chairs, footstools, desks, office chairs, and office desks. It is by appointment only so if you would like to arrange a visit or if you’d like to come and visit the NW3 Interiors showroom where we also showcase Knoll furniture, please get in touch.