Embracing Wellness: NW3 Team’s Transformative Day at The Pavilion Club

Carly enjoying the freeze

Breathing through the “pain”

NW3 Team was on top form for an unforgettable team-building

wellness journey at The Pavilion Club in Knightsbridge.

Led by the incredible Chloe from The Soul Hub and Shaina from Namashi Wellness,

we began our day with yoga, deep breathing, and sensory exploration movement, setting the stage for something extraordinary.

Creative stimulation often sparks when we step outside our comfort zones, allowing fresh ideas to surge and imagination to flourish.

Facing our fear, we stepped into the freezing cold plunge pool, which was daunting, but the rush of adrenaline and the sense of accomplishment afterwards were beyond words. It was a powerful reminder that growth happens outside our comfort zones.

Cold water therapy, an integral part of our experience, is known for its numerous benefits. It can

  • enhance circulation
  • boost immune function
  • reduce inflammation
  • increase endorphin levels
  • leading to improved mood
  • mental clarity

This invigorating practice also promotes resilience and stress management, essential qualities for any team.

Ready for the Breathwork

Team pic before the event

Getting ready for Yoga

Chloe and Shaina

Chloe from Soul Hub: Chloe, the driving force behind Soul Hub, passionately advocates cold water therapy and its transformative benefits. Known for her invigorating cold plunge sessions, Chloe helps individuals confront their fears and build resilience through this powerful practice. Her expertise and enthusiasm for pushing boundaries have made her a standout figure in the wellness community, inspiring many to embrace discomfort for personal growth.


Shaina from Namashai Wellness: Shaina, the heart and soul of Namashai Wellness, excels in guiding individuals through yoga, breathwork, and meditation. Her deep knowledge and calming presence create a nurturing environment for personal and collective well-being. Shaina’s holistic approach to wellness emphasises the importance of mindfulness and inner peace, making her a cherished mentor for those seeking balance and harmony in their lives.

Yoga and Breathwork: Preparing for the Cold Plunge

Before facing the challenge of the cold plunge pool, Shaina led us through a series of yoga and breathwork exercises. These practices increase flexibility, improve circulation, reduce stress, and help calm the mind and enhance focus. This preparation was crucial, setting us up to approach the cold plunge with a sense of calm and readiness, making the transition into the icy water more manageable and the experience more rewarding.

We are grateful to Chloe and Shaina for guiding us through this unforgettable experience of laughter, courage, and team-building. Their expertise from Soul Hub brought a unique and profoundly enriching dimension to our wellness journey, making it a day to remember and a source of lasting inspiration.