I have just returned from an incredible 5-day trip to Marrakech, Morocco, and my adventure took me to some beautiful places. Having returned and settled into 2018, I can share my experiences with you – some of which I think you’ll love.

I stayed at the Selman Hotel in Marrakech. The interior design of the hotel was fantastic, with gorgeous features reflecting the Arab-Moorish culture. I was surrounded by beautiful colours and fabrics which created a warm, comfortable atmosphere. The hotel’s interior showed what a key role symmetry plays in Moroccan design, which was reflected in the design of the 80-metre pool. They used gorgeous materials and tiles which made a feast for the eyes!




An interesting addition to our stay was the discovery of the Equestrian Art Centre located at the back of the Selman Hotel.  Arabian horses were kept in stables, and we had the pleasure of watching a spectacular dressage show. A horse whisperer would speak to the horses and they would perform and dance to music. It was an amazing element to have seen and experienced.


Despite staying in the luxury hotel, we wanted to explore Marrakech and find the secret, hidden gems of the city. The first one we found was Limoni, an Italian restaurant slightly off the beaten track. Serving fresh, homemade Italian food, it was one of our favourite culinary experiences in Marrakech. We walked through the low door into a light and bright, spacious courtyard, which was a pleasant change from the centre of Marrakech. The interiors were nice but the food was the star of the show.


Another gorgeous restaurant we had the pleasure of visiting was the Dar Cherifa. After a day of walking, shopping and exploring the markets, we were met at Dar Cherifa by a man who led us down an alleyway with a lantern. He took us through a very short door into a space rising as high as 30 metres. Situated in the heart of the souks, this hidden jewel was home to delicious, traditional Moroccan food.



Despite the secret beauties of city, the vast number of people and dust in the souks and the medina were quite challenging. So, our visit to 33 Rue Majorelle was a welcomed change. 33 Rue Majorelle is a department store and a fantastic place to buy your Moroccan bits and pieces without the hassle of bargaining and heckling. From beautifully hand-crafted boxes to napkins, 33 Rue Majorelle was a much calmer environment to purchase all kinds of Moroccan goods.



My trip to Marrakech allowed me to experience some beautiful places and food, but my top tip for those of you who plan to visit Marrakech – avoid a two-hour trek on a camel! Although the scenery you get to view on a camel trek is stunning, 10 or 15 minutes is enough (two hours will put you in pain for the next few days).

Despite this, the beautiful hotel and some hidden gems allowed us to indulge in Moroccan food and completely immerse ourselves in the culture. I look forward to our next trip and thinking about aspects of Moroccan design moving forwards.