Here are our top 5 designer homes and stays we are lusting over during isolation.


We’re not saying we have an issue with our homes, not in the slightest. In fact we love our homes! We’re designers so almost everything looks beautiful and is suited to purpose. However, we are not entirely perfect. There are days when the laundry is in piles by the washing machine. There are times when coats are overflowing into all shared areas of the house and half drank tea is left to cool completely until its discarded of. This has led to daily house hunting. And diving deep into the latest edition of Living Etc and scrolling through our curated instagram explore feed fantasising about all the places we’d rather be. So we thought we would share 5 of our top choices for designer homes we would love to be isolating in right now. Places of exquisite taste, beautiful scenery and ‘mummmm’ free spaces. Because we can dream right?


The Modern House – Midcentury Masterpiece


Our first top pick is one of the homes currently featured on ‘The Modern House’. If you haven’t heard of them, they’re a luxury estate agent that sell some of the most unique and inspiring properties in the UK. As well as selling properties, TMH also have relative content about design-led spaces that aren’t currently up for sale. Giving us serious home envy. Along with a daunting realisation that we’d never be able to buy the property featured even if we desperately wanted to. Maybe that’s what makes this midcentury masterpiece that little bit more enticing. Or maybe it’s the careful balance of natural aesthetics, woods, greenery, space and light. Or the iconic Knoll pieces we love so much, distributed artlessly throughout the home. Perhaps it’s a combination of all of the above. So it’s going right to the top of our list.

Bertoia Chair In Midcentury Home

Mid century lounge

Mid century dining area

See the full project here.


Émilie Bonaventure: L’Auberge du Père Bise


The stunning Relais & Châteaux hotel is an eccentric and charming hotel situated in Talloires, France. ‘Purchased by chef Jean Sulpice back in 2017, the châteaux has undergone extensive renovation works, with its rooms and suites recently being completed by interior designer Émilie Bonaventure, recognised for projects such as The Epoca restaurant and bar, Paris and Frenchie in London’s Covent Garden to name a few. The extraordinary hotel interiors have been designed by renowned designer Émilie Bonaventure (- Martyn White). The tonal yet calming colour palettes of all the rooms work synonymously with the idyllic surroundings. And we can just imagine opening the shutter doors of our private room; the sound of the flowing water and feel of fresh breeze on our face. It’s almost like we’ve magically transported there.

L’Auberge du Père Bise Chateaux Bedroom 1

L’Auberge du Père Bise Chateaux Bedroom 2

L’Auberge du Père Bise Chateaux Lounge

L’Auberge du Père Bise Chateaux Scenery

See the full project here.


Kelly Wreastler – Malibu Home


Miley Cyrus said it first “We watched the sun go down as we were walking, I’d spend the rest of my life just standing here talking, In Malibu”. Would anyone care to disagree? Nope. Us either. That’s why we just had to feature this beach vibe home created by the sensational talent Kelly Wreastler. This seaside home is the epitome of designer heaven. Every inch of this whimsical and dream like home looks like it has been designed to have a red rope around it. To be admired from a far and never touched by human hands. We would happily live in any home which Kelly Wreastler designed, she is so brave which wonderful ways to maximise scale and materials. Kelly and her family enjoy residing in this on a daily basis and we couldn’t be more envious during lock-down period if we tried.

Kelly Wearstler_Master Bedroom Design

Kelly Wearstler_ Lounge

Kelly Wearstler_Home Bathroom

See the full project here.


Design Hotels – Parilio Hotel 


This 5-star luxury hotel in Paros is another place we are wishing we would rather be. The simple form and structure of the hotel creates an air of tranquility about it. Something we could all use. The sapphire blue waters that encase the white cube like rooms create geometric patterns across the landscape. The minimalist architecture is part of the Designer Hotels portfolio. Bringing you Greek Island chic in the coves of Kolymbithres Beach. In addition to this, the holistic approach to design adds to the ambience of the space as a whole. The natural materials and soft decor are echo the sandy colours of the surround and the crisp blue skies. We can just imagine spending days lounging on the sun beds, reading books and breast-stroking up and down the pools.

Parilio Hotel - Greece, Pathos

Parilio Hotel - Pool

Parilio Hotel - Greece, Pathos

Parilio Hotel - Greece, Pathos

See the full project here.


Mini Inno – Villa Kuro


Designed by a studio in LA this midcentury Japanese tea room was given a new lease of life. When reading about the story behind the space we were desperate to share. “The design concept for Villa Kuro is inspired by nature and wabi-sabi. The Japanese philosophy about finding beauty in imperfection and embracing it. Nothing lasts and nothing is perfect; with age you find patina and character, a sort of deep beauty that is lost in shiny new objects.” – beautiful, isn’t it? Thus the interlacing of the history of the home and linking it with its Japanese ideology is something we commend. The outcome is this incredible luxury desert hideaway in Joshua Tree.


Lounge - villa-kuro-mini-inno-renovation-joshua-tree-california-usa

bedroom - villa-kuro-mini-inno-renovation-joshua-tree-california-usa

outdoors villa-kuro-mini-inno-renovation-joshua-tree-california-usa

See the full project here.


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