At a time of a potential (or inevitable) national crisis, likely snow storms and heaven forbid school cancellations. It’s a good to remain optimistic… or perhaps locking yourself away, getting cosy and pretending like the outside world doesn’t exist may be the better option. In which case your home should be at it’s optimum cosiness. Creating the perfect retreat for you and the family to disappear in and spend an entire day in your pyjamas, drinking tea and watching reruns of Mary Poppins and Saving Mr Banks. Have you ever heard of such a perfect English day – Hoo rah!

Leonardo DiCaprio Congrats

That’s why we’ve put together our 6 essential items for your lounge, designed and made in Britain. Because whilst we love our brands, designers and manufacturers overseas; our Italians at Knoll and our Danes at DK3, there’s nothing quite like bringing it home and remembering why we love this dreary, cold country!

Compiled of the World’s COMFIEST sofa you have ever sat on in your life from Maker & Son (trust us!), a snuggly blanket from Cotswold&co, dreamy feather detail fabric for cushions or curtains from Tradescant & Son, a solid and classic coffee table (Faoulchu) to house your elegant and charming tea set from Richard Brendon, we suggest you make a lovely cup of tea, grab your favourite book and enjoy your new country-chic lounge. Ahhh…perfection.

Sourcing locally is a great sustainable business practice. It allows us to minimise our environmental impact and is very useful if servicing is required.  The UK has a lot of home grown talented craftsman and lighting specialists, furniture designers and accessory brands. It is our responsibility as designers to include these collections in our offerings and packages to provide an opportunity to share our fellow hard-working small business and give a little love.


Made In Britain Interiors Package


NW3 proudly find and support local designers and artisans as well as incredible makers and artists, who create beautiful furniture and decorations that we can supply to our clients. We partner with exceptional brands to ensure consistency, quality and comfort, every time.

If you’d like your own bespoke package, or to enquire about our ‘Made In Britain’ package or any of the items you see listed. Contact us to speak to one of the team.