Introducing Goldfinger Design: Crafting for Good

Goldfinger Design is a company dedicated to creating beautiful, sustainable furniture and objects that positively impact people and the planet.


Goldfinger Design has a firm belief in making a difference, they have made it their mission to combine exquisite craftsmanship with environmentally conscious practices to offer products that enhance lives while minimizing their ecological footprint. 


At the heart of Goldfinger Design, their philosophy is sustainability. They carefully select materials ( mainly wood )  that are ethically sourced from the UK and have a minimal environmental impact. Their choices from reclaimed wood to recycled metals reflect a commitment to reducing waste and preserving natural resources.

Craftsmanship is a fundamental aspect of Goldfinger Design’s creations. Their furniture and objects are meticulously crafted by skilled artisans who pour their expertise and passion into every detail. The company’s commitment to quality ensures that its products stand the test of time and become cherished heirlooms that can be passed down through generations.

Their Story

Design and sustainability pioneers opened the doors to Goldfinger at the foot of Trellick Tower in 2013. Named after renowned architect Ernö Goldfinger — the design master behind our Grade II listed Brutalist home — they take its literal meaning as guiding inspiration: ” The material we touch, we turn to gold.”

Their products

Their wood and joinery workshop is the lifeblood of their enterprise. They design and craft bespoke furniture and homeware for residential homes and many London businesses, from hotels to cafés, shops to offices. Many of their design classics are also available from their online shop.

They offer free design consultations and take commissions on one-of-a-kind orders.


Giving back

At Goldfinger, they have firm beliefs in giving back to the society. So they run their academy!

They teach marginalised young people the art of woodworking through their apprenticeship programme. Aimed at local residents, not in education, employment or training, this programme homes to inspire your people to become sustainably-minded designers and makes for the future. 

This way, they can progress into meaningful work. They also offer public craft workshops –  free spaces provided to local residents on a low income – plus corporate away days for you and your team, designed to enhance well-being and celebrate the joy of making.


” Most of the (felled trees in London are chipped and will be burned… that carbon goes straight up into the air. By milling the tree and it going into furniture…that carbon stays in the timber for generations, far beyond our lifetimes” – Bruce Saunders

Trellik Tower
British woods they work with
Bespoke tables