What makes Luke Irwin’s Rugs so beautiful?

Luke Irwin one-of-a-kind custom made rugs can offer a new degree of bespoke beauty to any interior. Luke focuses on providing a range of truly remarkable designs available in a size to suit your home. The designs are intricate, detailed and almost 3D.

Carly Madhvani, director of NW3 describes them to be ‘Walking on art’.  See Carly’s favourite rug below ‘Ravenna’ available from £3k.

The often abstract designs, incorporate a balance of colour, tone, texture and form which can really pull together your room design. Subverting a flat, modern style, and allowing for a more discerning, artistic mood.

Ravenna rug by Luke Irwin
Ikat8 Luke Irwin rug

See and feel the Luke Irwin rug at the NW3 Interiors showroom in Hampstead.

We believe the importance of a rug in any given space is often greatly underestimated; a good rug can be the cornerstone or foundation on which all the disparate elements and personality within a room are bound together” – Luke Irwin

Hand-knotted using traditional methods in the foothills of the himalayas, these silk rugs last centuries. Presenting a great opportunity for investment. Get in contact and we can help you acquire a bespoke rug of your own.

View his collections here: lukeirwin.com