Livingetc House Tours

We opened our doors to welcome over 400 keen guests who experienced interior design ideas and inspiration at NW3 Interiors studio show-home in Hampstead, London. 

It was the most amazing turn out, not only with other interior designers but also couples who are currently renovating their homes. People travelled serious miles to attend, from as far as Cornwall and Manchester.

You could feel people’s thirst for inspiration, an opportunity to enjoy design in person, up close and personal and finally get away from the virtual world we’ve all gotten used to. We met guests from creative companies, sending out their teams to be inspired and connect again.

Not only was my own home and NW3 showroom on exhibit, but another house we had designed in Primrose Hill was also proudly showcased. 

Molly, Ana and I enjoyed showing the Livingetc magazine readers the many rooms available to view. It was exciting to see what stood out in the eyes of the crowd, and which details or collections people were most interested in.

We were asked a thousand questions about the interiors, but here we share with you the most popular:

Livingetc House Tours Visitors

Livingetc House Tours

Livingetc House Tours Visitors

Questions we were asked the most:


Dressing Your Wall



In our space, we used 4 different ways to beautify our walls.


Wall colour

We were asked often about which colours we used on the walls. We’re big Farrow and Ball fans. We like their calm colours and high quality the most. In some instances, we even mix two of their colours to create our own. Our guest room is an example of this with a 50/50 mix of Dead Salmon and Setting Plaster creating a welcoming tone.

Belsize Village Apartment. Guest Room. Step inside Carly Madhvani’s home and our interior design studio just moments away from Belsize Park.


We have used 6 different wallpapers used in the house. These range from our brand partners Arte, to independent UK printers all the way up to the dizzy heights of Fromental and Gucci. 

Our latest addition is a textured and cosy wallpaper which we hung in the hallway atrium walls and chose to cover a pair of cupboard doors too. This was in an attempt to hide the storage behind it. 


Otherwise known as polished plaster or Venetian plaster. Tadelakt is a natural, lime-based plaster indigenous to the Marrakech region of Morocco, in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. Both decorative and waterproof, tadelakt has a honed, smooth surface reminiscent of natural stone. This ancient craft creates a seamless finish and offers elegant nuances of colour and grain, flexible to avoid hairline cracks or crazing. It can be done in loads of different colours. This plaster has more depth and feels like silk to the touch. It is also ideal to put in humid/ wet rooms (we used it in our spa) as it is waterproof. It is always found in bathrooms in Morocco.

Guest room. Belsize Park Apartment | NW3 Interiors | North London Interior Designers | Home Interiors

3D Wall Covering

This vertical panelling is used in our guestroom surrounding the bed, and we had so many questions asking about it. It is an amazing way to turn a simple wall into an interesting feature. If you want to give your space a sense of character and conviviality, getting creative with wall panelling is a great start.

DK3 Storage


 The Royal System.


‘The Royal System’ by DK3 is one of our favourite storage collections on the market.

This space efficient range, including doors shelves and drawers, fits snugly to the wall. Legendary Danish designer Poul Cadovius first created this iconic range in 1948, innovative attaching it to the wall to save space. Natural wood materials provide a timeless feel without large storage units intruding on the room. Highly versatile, we make use of the System in our bedroom, lounge, office, and kitchen areas.


DK3 Royal System

What floor is it?



Countless people wanted to know where our flooring was sourced from. Our flooring is hand laid wooden mosaic from a variety of suppliers. This detailed method allows for a variety of intricate floor patterns, ensuring an interesting look to the wholes surface.

Outside, we used a set of black and white tiles from Parkside’s Gatsby range arranged in a rug pattern to create a stand-out terrace. The black and white colour was inspired by the original Victorian design. The pattern is continued into our downstairs bathroom and pool room, providing continuity from indoors to outdoors.

Flooring solutions

” Sharing my Hampstead home with Livingetc Magazine Readers from all over the country was an exciting experience and an honor. The London Tours were the perfect platform to create, inspire and show-off!”

Thank you to all the attendees who visited Please send us any questions you may have to us at