Livingetc Features our Chiswick Family Home

Livingetc, Britain’s best-selling modern homes magazine, September 2023 issue

Chiswick Family Home, London


Livingetc  September  2023 Issue

Molly Fern, our senior designer at NW3 Interiors, focused on this high-end, full renovation of a residential project from top-to-toe where period- meets-contemporary at this large detached Edwardian villa, which is now home to a family of four.


Main lounge

Main lounge

 Project Details


The brief was to create a timeless aesthetic, a cosy-yet-cool home that combined textures, tonal colours and materials, and a Soho House vibe.  Although the owners wanted to avoid the all-white vibe of their previous home, they still craved serenity rather than sensationalism, ruling out anything too bold or too patterned.

The renovated house effortlessly achieves a timeless aesthetic, embodying both cosy and cool elements with its blend of textures, tonal colours, and materials. The inclusion of dream furniture items, such as the DK3 dining table, harmoniously coexists with cherished family heirlooms like the Seventies record player cabinet, adding a personal touch to the space. This modernized home boasts an open and connected layout, complete with inviting reading nooks and clever storage solutions that cater to the needs of a contemporary family lifestyle, ensuring a timeless and delightful living experience.


Front reception 

Front reception 

Kitchen and dining



Master bedroom

Dressing area