You may have heard by now that those Colour gurus from across the pond, Pantone, have opted for two shades this year to represent their 2016 colour palette. These are Rose Quartz (a warm pinkish tone) and Serenity (a soft pale blue). And, if the recognised authority on colour trends, is right, will shape the work of interior designers, textiles designers, furniture manufacturers and wallpaper producers throughout the West this year.

But Pantone doesn’t have the final say. Giant paint manufacturers Dulux have also made their predictions for this year and they’ve deviated quite a bit by settling on Cherished Gold as their colour for 2016. Here in this post we’ll look at both company’s choices and what has inspired them. We’ll also consider how to use them in your own home.

Pantone’s Rose Quartz and Serenity

NW3 Interiors - Pantone Colours of the Year 2016

Pantone said they were swayed in their choice by the ever-increasing trend in the western world for mindfulness and general well-being (both colours are seen are soothing and, the company says, provide a balance between warmth and coolness).

Pantone’s vision of 2016 Rose Quartz and Serenity in the home

Rose Quartz they describe as ‘gentle and conveying passion’ while Serenity is considered ‘weightless and airy like the sky above’ and a shade which will ‘bring a sense of respite to a room.’ The blurring of two colours this time round, the company insists, has also been inspired by the gender blurring which has occurred in fashion in recent times.

Here at NW3Interiors we believe a sophisticated way to use Pantone’s choice is to have one colour dominant in a room and to use the other as an accent shade. Both colours together would certainly work well in a child’s nursery or a bathroom.

Dulux’s Cherished Gold

NW3 Interiors - Dulux Cherished Gold

Inspired by the metallic tones which have been so prevalent in interiors for a few years now, Dulux’s Cherished Gold has been described by the company as ‘earthy ochre-like’ and a shade which would fit with a range of properties from a Victorian Villa to a contemporary urban ‘crash pad – thanks to its ‘warm and subtle’ undertones.

Dulux’s Cherished Gold shade for 2016

This means it would work well with both light pastels and jewel colours such as emerald green and vivid red – providing a huge range of flexibility – and ensuring the shade could be used throughout the house (if you so desired).

A pretty interesting way to use this Cherished Gold shade is to piggyback on the glamour of gold and fill your room with other metallic accents in lamps, mirrors and ornaments (in fact, accessories are a great way to introduce a colour gradually – one that you’re not entirely convinced you’re going to like in the first place).

What do you think? Are you inspired by any of the above predictions?