A common error when it comes to designing your own home usually occurs the moment you walk into your favourite chosen home store. Overwhelmed by a variety of styles, colours, patterns and little trinkets it’s easy to find yourself in a deep pit of random cushions and a large selection of animal themed ornaments. Not only do you have loads of options to chose from but the object usually comes in every colour under the sun, making it harder for you to keep to a colour palette and finalise important decisions. Before you go interiors shopping for your home, go around your house and write a list of things you need per room ie. 1 lamp and lamp-shade for spare room, 2 cushions and an ornament for reception room. Treat it like you would a grocery store, know your recipe, buy your ingredients and you end up with a pie that Gordon Ramsay would rate 5 stars… don’t and well, you could be appearing on an episode of Hell’s Kitchen.


Think about what would look good, what compliments your existing interiors and what colours would suit the space. Before you buy anything decide on a colour palette for each room consisting of no more than 3 colours, always stick with a neutral base so you have the flexibility to change your mind. When you’re going round the shop you’ll only buy what you need and what will look good. If you’re out and you see something you like when you weren’t planning on interiors shopping, just stop and visualise where you will put it and if it will look good… just make sure you always keep your receipts.




A big no-no when buying interiors for your home is impulse buys, or buying on a whim! Often I hear of my clients going abroad and spotting something and thinking “oh yes! I’ll buy this” only to get home and realise they have no where to put it. Not only is it a waste of money but your beloved item gets thrown into the basement and adds to the clutter monster that is growing in the depths of your home. Of course, be inspired by your travels! Take inspiration from other cultures and buy ornaments that you love and wonderful hand-made cushions and throws… all I’m saying is…think about where that item is going to go when you get home.



Another thing to contemplate when you’re buying interiors is the quality. Likelihood is, if you buy cheap it will look cheap. Things that are poorly made often look & feel like they are bad quality, 1 cheap looking ornament or piece of furniture can throw an entire room off balance. Your home will be your home forever, invest in it; an £800 chair will last you a life time an £80 chair will last you 2 years if you’re lucky. Comfortable dining chairs are a must and soft and quality beds pillows and linens are an essential. If you invest in your home you’re investing in yourself and your quality of life. That’s why it’s important to stick to brands you know and trust, which is what we do here at NW3 Interiors. We only supply furniture from top-brands who have an established reputation for quality, luxury furniture with iconic and timeless designs.




The client from our “Frognal Apartment’ project are an international couple so it’s tempting to include a plethora of global artefacts.  This makes it interesting, just be aware of the balance. Our client was very happy with how we added new items to their home, incorporating their existing items and style whilst adding furniture, curtains, decoration, lighting, tables, bedside tables, lamps, bedroom bench, storage and shelving.

Contact us to see how we can take away the drama and decisions to help you enjoy the process of a harmonious home.