Our pricing and interior design services are structured
to be transparent and customisable.

NW3 Interiors create and provide professional, unique and tailored residential design concepts, including complete packages.

Encompassing the spectrum of home interior guidance, we are proud to offer the below design services;


  • Interior layouts
  • Furniture packages
  • Creative Styling
  • 3D renders and visuals
  • Digital walk-through technology
  • Moodboards
  • Pricing plans
Our mission is to improve the quality and simplicity of one’s life, to help people reconnect, live and enjoy their beautiful homes once more by creating a loving, welcoming and relaxing environment for many years to come.
We undertake projects of many types and many sizes, from single room redesigns to complete and entire home renovations. Additionally, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience with both indoor and outdoor spaces. We can also provide a vast range of design services of varying involvement.

Limited only by our creative imagination, our passion for design and creativity will be truly and lovingly reflected in your home. We will coordinate and expertly manage all orders and installations, and in some instances, we will also oversee the execution of a project to its eagerly anticipated end.

For many of our clients, we are known to manage a project in its entirety, ensuring every attention is paid to detail. The perfect balance and method to remove any stresses and any worries from your shoulders. It is not uncommon for us to complete projects in the absence of our clients, who are perhaps travelling overseas. They can leave with all the comfort and assurances they will ever need in the knowing that their beloved home is in our safe and expert hands, only to return to a completely renovated beautiful home.

We also source stunning furniture at highly competitive prices, that is made possible through our trusted network of collaborative partnerships with iconic brands and reputed manufacturers.

Absolutely amazing! I called Nw3 Interiors 3/4 of my way through a refurbishment project that had become overwhelming! I was at a total loss but after a 1.5hr consultation with Molly I was back on my feet again with every paint colour nailed and with a clear vision to continue confidently! Molly instantly understood my vision and was quick to offer some experienced advice that helped beyond words! If I ever do a project again I wouldn’t think twice before using Nw3 Interiors from the outset!