From concept to completion our residential interior design portfolio highlights
NW3 Interiors recent projects.

At NW3 Interiors, we specialise in the refurbishment, design and redesign of luxury residential properties, ranging from Hampstead family homes to elite Central London penthouses. We can accommodate projects of any particular size or scale, we also undertake many projects ranging from entire house renovations to single room redesigns, and even multiple room redesigns.

In addition to our refurbishment and design expertise, we also appoint ourselves to act as furniture venders, providing our clients with stunning designer furniture, driven by the sole desire to meet or exceed, and facilitate our customer’s every need. We ensure that every conceivable detail is given to exhaustive research, offering profound quality and excellence.

As award winning interior designers, we strive to create a sense and feeling of fluidity in the homes that surround the people who live within them. We consider each and every project as a unique and welcome challenge, with the pleasure being all ours and the enjoyment being all yours. We hope you enjoy our interior design portfolio, find our expert services here.