Wherever I go in the world, I am always looking to surround myself with beautiful scenery. The outdoors can be a wonderful inspiration for the indoors and can trigger creativity. Whilst on holiday I usually get so excited by these inspirations that I find myself itching to get home to share all of my new knowledge and design ideas with colleagues and clients.


Drawing inspiration from around the world allows for truly inspiring and interesting homes. My most recent holiday to Japan was one of the most incredible
experiences not only because of the interiors but because every single aspect of the Japanese culture is not what I had anticipated at all. Being blown away by food, manners, societal values, museums, sculptures, gardens, the soft blues and whites of Mount Fuji complimented by the blush pinks of the blooming cherry blossom. The picturesque and decadent views that had my eager to get home and start designing again! Nothing compares to beautiful scenery to get your creative juices flowing.



The Japanese interiors were just as astonishing as the indoors. Their ability to create sleek minimal spaces appear warm and inviting is a trick only a master designer can achieve. Modernism is still a thriving era, utilising concretes, whites and straight lines to create a modern look – however this is usually tricky to adhere to in a family environment as minimalistic interiors and materials can be quite cold and impractical.

Personally I think Japanese designers have solved this issue. They’ve created wonderful, liveable spaces that are slick and super cosy by incorporating warm natural elements like wood into their spaces and a key element, lighting. Without the ambience created by the warm glow given off by the cleverly placed lighting, these interiors could have been perceived in an entirely different way. The use of dark materials and concrete and even the darker woods could have left these spaces appearing bland and eerie. This is when we remember why lighting is so important!


The prominent use of straight lines is broken up by utilising organic shapes in intricate details of the design. Such as in the prints and patterns of the woodwork, this incredible arm chair and the rounded ceiling in my hotel!





What I found remarkable was, whilst being totally lost in a world I was sure bared no resemblance to anything back home, I found comfort like a familiar friend. In my hotel that was buried in a mountain, I noticed had decorated the outdoors with a handful of Bertoia chairs! It was nice to know they evidently shared my love of Knoll furniture!


Taking inspiration globally to bring home to my clients is one of my greatest passions, so you can be sure I’ll be implementing these influences in upcoming projects so make sure you follow us on social media to stay up to date.

Love, Carly x