Just as there are over 150 shades of white… yes…150 shades of WHITE. There are just as many colours shades and tones of marble. Varying on region and which mountain it was cut from, no wonder it’s so expensive! You can’t get the real deal anywhere else other than the motherland.

Whilst you have your classic shades of white, it also comes in rich greens and reds, warm soft natural beige and brown tones. As well as electrics blues and marbleous pinks. The colours are mesmerising, but no where near as captivating as the patterns that decorate the base palette. Swirling, twirling, wrapping, zipping and zig-zagging, like lighting bolts or tiny flowing rivers, falling off the smooth cut edges like something out of a Dr.Seuss book. There really is nothing like it.

Recently featured on our instagram was this photo of a restaurant bar. The natural shape, the deep blues complemented with splashes of white give an water like affect against the brown woods, like the crashing waves of an ocean slapping the side of an old ship.

Blue Marble Bar - Pinterest

A focal point of our marble fan-girling, is some of the latest from Knoll.

Knoll Grasshopper Coffee TableRosso Rubino

This incredibly rich red marble carries beautiful veins in greens, whites, purples and greys, as seen in our showroom in Hampstead, Belsize Park, NW3.

Knoll Black Marble

This remarkable marble has the most jaw dropping pattern – We love love love it!! It’s threads of white and grey compliment the black tone and then in it mixes splendid streaks of gold. The veins are just another intricate aspect that shows just how unbelievable mother nature can be. They really add to the wow-factor of this particular piece. However the photos really do it no justice! We fell in love with it originally in the Knoll showroom, showcased on top of a Platner dining table base. This is it in situ!

Knoll Marble Platner Table

We have to credit any hard material that can be shaped to look soft. That in itself is an incredible aspect of marble. It’s ability to look soft and velvety to the touch when infant its an extremely solid material. However, no matter how solid at appears, the fragility of marble is what makes removing it from mountains and cutting it into fine slabs, such a complex and tedious process. ‘The slabs (cut between 2 to 3 centimetres thick depending on the application) are left to acclimatise for about three weeks before the stone is further processed. Producing a unique Knoll marble top is a long process of about 12 weeks in duration’. – Knoll

Knoll Marble Extraction Process

(The Knoll marble extraction process)

Another marble we’re a little bit obsessed with is pink marble! We love the warmness of the pink hues and there is such a variety to chose from! If you’re a pink marble virgin like us, then you can use the Marble Guide to help you chose colours and discover ones you didn’t even know existed! It looks delicate and extremely feminine. It can be complimented by darker more masculine blues and eccentric gold accents. Like these stunning tables from 1st Dibs.

1st dibs marble table 1st dibs marble tables


If you want help sourcing a marble table for your home, or if you want to view these marbles at the Knoll showroom, why not give us a ring to discuss what you want. We’re always here to help!