Project Showcase: The Race Against Time – Hampstead Renovation in 11 Weeks
Hampstead Renovation Lounge

We are thrilled to share the captivating story of one of our most ambitious and rewarding projects to date – a breathtaking renovation nestled in the heart of Hampstead. This project, unlike any other, was a remarkable testament to the incredible feats that can be achieved under extreme time constraints.

A Symphony of Collaboration:

In our pursuit of excellence, we embarked on a collaborative journey with 21 renowned brands, overseeing more than 60 orders to curate a remarkable selection of materials and products. The sheer diversity of this venture was awe-inspiring, with over 50 distinct fabric types, 8 variations of exquisite wood, and 5 luxurious types of marble. This project was a testament to our unwavering commitment to bespoke, high-quality design.

The Unforgiving Clock:

Time, an ever-precious resource, was not on our side, with just 11 weeks to complete the transformation of this remarkable property. This deadline loomed over us, pushing the boundaries of our capabilities and testing our creative ingenuity to the fullest.

An Orchestra of Expertise:

To ensure a seamless execution, we enlisted the expertise of 8 professional teams, each specialised in different facets of the renovation. Their dedication, skill, and collaborative spirit were the linchpins of our success as we raced against the clock.

Design Excellence:

Our commitment to an elevated design experience was evident in every detail. We integrated 14 unique lighting concepts to craft the perfect ambiance, creating an atmosphere that matched our client’s vision.

A Comprehensive Transformation:

Our canvas extended beyond just aesthetics. We meticulously addressed every corner of the property, leaving no aspect untouched. A complete renovation journey included the installation of new flooring, carefully merging a symphony of tiles, timber, and carpet. The window treatments, which encompassed restoration and elegant blinds, added an additional layer of sophistication and functionality. Fresh paint adorned the walls and ceilings, breathing new life into every room. In our pursuit of both aesthetics and efficiency, we introduced a range of new radiators to enhance both comfort and energy efficiency.

In summary, our team takes immense pride in the successful completion of this monumental Hampstead renovation in just 11 weeks. It was a true testament to our project management and design prowess, showcasing our ability to collaborate with a myriad of esteemed brands, manage a substantial volume of orders, and deliver impeccable results within a tight timeline. We did it, and the outcome is nothing short of extraordinary.

Watch how everything came together