Does your home reflect your style? Here’s how I create interior balance for an interesting contrast between finishes and details.

Let’s say a friend lent you a cookbook and recommended a recipe. You bought all the ingredients to make the most moist and delicious cake, but after preparing, measuring, making and baking… the cake is a pancake. It’s edible, but the flavour just isn’t as enjoyable as you know it could be.


This is how I explain what can happen in the world of interiors too.  You have the ingredients: the furniture, the rugs, the lighting, a painted wall, curtains… but how can you achieve a balance that gives it that extra flair of looking and feeling… well, special?

Often, I share pointers with my clients on the flow of a layout, but it’s more than that. There are simple things you can do right away to tweak the look of your home for the better. Mirrors and paintings should be hung at eye level,. Fabrics should always have multi-thread. Flooring should help your eye to travel from one identified space to another.

Luxury decoration, furniture and design by Carly Madhvani.

A designer with experience in choosing textures and finishes, who can work with your current furniture and suggestwhere and how to add colour and pattern, can boost the style and ambience of your home.

As a rule of thumb, I aim for one third detailed or patterned finishes, one third plain and one third textured. This is achieved using a variety of materials such as marble, fabrics, metals and woods. Likewise, a colour palette of 5 colours per room, 3 of these being carried through the home is a great starting point.

Master bed room designed by Carly Madhvani.

When it comes to adding items, I create an interesting balance between detail and texture with large rugs and marble side tables. Adding ceiling pendants, floor and table lamps are an instant room-changer too.

As one client has said, “Carly suggested ideas that worked with our existing furniture. It made it a home and totally enhanced the feel of the room – at little cost.”

Why not drop me a line here and see for yourself how your home could benefit from some finishing touches.